Biblical Inspirations

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyszkowski

Do you find it hard to prioritize your life? It can be a continual struggle to devote time to those things that are most important. Whether it is circumstances demanding your attention or a loaded schedule, life can be overwhelming. Also, many distractions knock at our door at an attempt to steal our time. Many forms of technology and entertainment can be the top competitors. With the many wonderful opportunities that come our way, we can toss faith and family to the side. Sadly, we can even allow things to take the place of God and even lead us away from his word. The Bible teaches us prioritize our life so that we can live it to the fullest and have divine purpose.

This idea is seen in 2 Chronicles 34 when the book of the law was discovered in the desolate sanctuary. In this dark time of Israel’s history, the people had just tossed the scriptures to the side. Judgment was looming as they worshipped false idols, engaged in witchcraft, and even sacrificed their own children in the fire. Their national identity and moral foundations began to crumble as they forgot God’s word and open themselves up wickedness on many levels. The same thing is happening in our country as we are tossing the Bible to the side. It will even happen to us personally if we do not follow God’s commands and give him first place in our lives.

When the book of the law was discovered inside of God’s house, it changed King Josiah. He trembled and wept as it was read aloud. He began to destroy the idols in the land and repair his city spiritually. The King of Judah even transformed his lifestyle in a way that got God’s attention. God honored him and blessed him as Josiah gave his commands first place. This powerful story tells us the value of the Word of God. God expects us not only to read it but to obey. We should never try to change God’s word but allow it to change us.

Remember that an idol is anything that takes the place of God in our heart. If we are not careful, we can make our own desires an idol. We can put self on the throne and reject Christ’s commands. Idols can come in the forms of money, material possessions, and even people. Unfortunately, idolatry will only harm us spiritually, lead to destruction, and distance us from God. Reading his word might shed some light on idols in our own home. Living by the Bible will allow us to reject what offends God and live an abundant life. Do not allow idols to creep up in your heart. Allow God to lead you into his perfect plan and live your journey to the fullest.

Ralph & Elizabeth Pyszkowski, Your Brother & Sister In Christ. (All comments are welcomed at [email protected])

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