Flower garden dedicated to Jeanne Persinger

Pictured is Howard Persinger speaking of memories of his beloved wife, Jeanne Persinger.

WILLIAMSON — The Williamson Wildwood Garden Club recently planted a new flower garden in front of the courthouse in downtown Williamson and on Monday that garden was dedicated to the memory of the late Jeanne C. Persinger, who was also a member of the club, with a dedication ceremony.

The Jeanne C. Persinger Memorial Garden was headed by members of the Persinger Memorial Garden Committee of the Garden Club. The Persinger and Chafin families provided the funding for the landscaping and planting as well as the marker. The County Commission allowed for the garden to be placed in front of the courthouse, Commissioner Hannah gifted additional edging to the flower garden and Commissioner Hubbard personally watered the plants for the first two weekends after they were installed and he insured that courthouse staff watered the flowers throughout the weekdays.

Jeanne was recognized during the dedication ceremony by Reverend Tom Shuyler, Mayor Steven Knopp, Anne Lambright, Paul Pinson, her husband, Howard Persinger, Margaret Pinson and Reverend Ron Sanger.

“The Garden Club and the City were so fortunate to have Jeanne to encourage the members of the garden club to improve and increase the beauty of the gardens and to push her fellow commissioners of the Williamson Redevelopment Authority to keep encouraging new businesses, new green spaces, new sidewalks and remove blighted parts of the town so that we can all be proud,” said Anne Lambright, President of the Wildwood Garden Club. “I hope our visitors and residents will enjoy this garden and remember Jeanne when you do.”

Williamson’s mayor, Steven Knopp, said that when he and his wife moved to Williamson 15 years ago, the city only had a few small flower gardens.

“Now there are almost 50 hanging baskets all over town in the summer and now this is the town’s 15th special garden; planned, planted, weeded, mulched and maintained throughout the year by the Community Beautification Committee and their helpers of the Garden Club,” said Knopp. “Much of the planning was done under the leadership of Jeanne Persinger as chair of that committee and her successor, Kathy Pinson, has continued to insure that Williamson looks beautiful.”

Knopp also said he wanted to thank Kathy and Howard for encouraging Jeanne to bring such beauty to the city.

Pictured is Howard Persinger speaking of memories of his beloved wife, Jeanne Persinger.
http://williamsondailynews.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/web1_dedication.jpgPictured is Howard Persinger speaking of memories of his beloved wife, Jeanne Persinger.

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