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By William Plaster - [email protected]

WILLIAMSON — The Williamson Daily News would like to announce the members of the All-Area High School Softball team from the 2016 season.

The players were chosen from their individual performance throughout the season, coaches input, and the input of William Plaster; the Sports Editor of the Williamson Daily News. All players made a lasting impression throughout the season and deserve recognition for their efforts.

Players were chosen from Belfry, Phelps, Mingo Central, Tug Valley, and Ambassador Christian Academy.

Leading the first team is Belfry’s senior pitcher Kendra Gannon. Gannon helped lead the Lady Pirates to a 18-15 regular season record with a 2-2 post season record. Belfry ended their season in the semi-final round of the 15th Regional Tournament in a close 3-2 loss to Magoffin County. Belfry excelled during the regular season thanks to Gannons strong arm, she closed nearly every game she started. Gannon will join Cumberlands University next season on a softball scholarship.

Mingo Central’s Kara Lester and Phelps’s Bekka Turner finish up the First team’s bull pen. Lester guided the Lady Miners to a sectional runner-up title against the Wayne Lady Pioneers. Lester had one pure standout tool to her pitching game; passion. Lester was evidently a passionate player and it shown through in every pitch. Turner helped the Lady Hornets through a milestone season. The Lady Hornets showed mounds of improvement from the first pitch to the last and also made Hornetville history in breaking in the Hornet’s new field. Turner showed power, accuracy, and leadership on the mound for the Lady Hornets.

The infield is comprised of speed and agility for the First Team with Brionna Duncan adding the hitting power. Kyra Stafford and Alexandria Smith ended their senior seasons with the Lady Pirates this year. Stafford and Smith hold the First Team grounded with experience and wisdom, both players showed extreme knowledge on the diamond and quick reflexes at the plate. Danielle Prater enters the team as a rookie but with nothing but raw athletic ability. Prater is not a power hitter but a power runner, she is a must have for any team looking to add scores. Duncan was one of the constants for the Lady Miners all season. Duncan made good contact with the ball and usually put it where there weren’t defenders, which is the target goal.

The outfield is also comprised of speed and power. Savannah Wilson and Lauren Briggs contribut the speed with Mackenna Pinson offering the power for the bottom of the batting order.

The utility players are made up of two pitchers and one fast pinch hitter. Savannah Hinton and Caylee Akers could be used to fill in any position, they are jack-of-all-trade players. Emily Deaton specializes in base running, her objective is to get on base and put herself in a position to score should a grounder be hit. Deaton was utilized well in the 15th Regionals by head coach Ryan Chapman as the courtesy runner for the catcher and Deaton showcased her speed on every opportunity.

Catching for the First Team is Belfry’s Taylor Maynard and Phelps’s Kryslin Obermuller. Both players stood in the clean-up position of the batting order for their respective teams this year. Neither player let much get by them and both players are quick to their feet if the ball is tipped up.

2016 Williamson Daily News All- Area Softball Team.

First Team:

P: Kendra Gannon – Belfry (Captain)

P: Kara Lester – Mingo Central

P: Bekka Turner – Phelps

IF: Kyra Stafford – Belfry

IF: Danielle Prater – Phelps

IF: Brionna Duncan– Mingo Central

IF: Alexandria Smith – Belfry

OF: Savannah Wilson – Belfry

OF: Lauren Briggs – Phelps

OF: Mackenna Pinson – Mingo Central

UTIL: Savannah Hinton – ACA

UTIL: Caylee Akers- Tug Valley

UTIL: Emily Deaton – Belfry

C: Taylor Maynard – Belfry

C:Kryslin Obermuller – Phelps

Second Team

P: Hannah Layne – Phelps

P: Sydney Whitt – Tug Valley

IF: Kylea Stanley – Belfry (Co-captain)

IF: Paula Dotson – Belfry

IF: Kalyn Baisden – Mingo Central

IF: Bekka White – Tug Valley

OF: Madison Cisco – Mingo Central

OF: Kailee Rash – Belfry

OF Sierra Sincell – Phelps

UTIL: Lakin Dotson – Phelps

UTIL: Hailey Johnson – Mingo Central

UTIL: Shyla Goff – Mingo Central

UTIL: Kayla Christian – Belfry

C: Gracie Sparks: Mingo Central (Co -captain)

C: Tommie Mounts – ACA

C: Sylar Mitchell- Tug Valley

Honorable Mention

Mikenna Nichols – Tug Valley, Jasmine Jessie – Mingo Central, Kirsten Moore – Belfry, Hannah Blankenship- Phelps, Samantha Hurley – Phelps, Micheala Norman – Phelps, Hannah Preece – Tug Valley, Lauren Ferris – Tug Valley, Kirstin Justus – Phelps, Paula Dotson – Phelps, Hannah Dempsey – ACA, Daisy Fitzpatrick – Tug Valley, Olivia Davis- ACA, Briona Haynes -ACA, Jordan Preece – ACa, Shalynn Hinton – ACA, Belle Bowen – ACA.

By William Plaster

[email protected]

(William Plaster is the sports reporter for the Williamson Daily News, he can be reached at 304-235-4242 ext. 2274 or at [email protected] or on twitter @sidplaster)

(William Plaster is the sports reporter for the Williamson Daily News, he can be reached at 304-235-4242 ext. 2274 or at [email protected] or on twitter @sidplaster)

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