Tug Valley to recieve new scoreboard

WILLIAMSON – Marcum Law Office and Attorney Justin J. Marcum have secured a new scoreboard for Tug Valley High School. As many of the renovations continue at Tug Valley, Marcum stated this was just another piece of the puzzle. He and many others have been dedicated in improving the facilities at Tug Valley since the recent flooding.

Marcum Law Office, PLLC of Williamson purchased the scoreboard and expects it to arrive within the next six weeks. It is supposed to be in for the start of the football season. The facilities at Tug Valley are taking shape as the football field has been redone, construction has begun for new baseball and softball fields, and a lot of other work.

The improvements are really taking hold and the citizens of the area have given lots of volunteer hours to help with the projects. Also, Everett Hannah and Monk Sartin have donated a lot of time and money to the project, along with Justin Marcum.

Justin Marcum is also a member of the West Virginia House of Delegates and took an active role in organizing the efforts to improve the facilities at Tug Valley. He is also working to help Mingo Central with their athletic facilities. The new scoreboard at Tug Valley will be bigger, brighter, and better, stated Justin Marcum. “It has LED bulbs, signage all around it, and many other needed features,” stated Marcum. “I am just blessed to be able to help our local schools and this purchase is a gift from my law office,” added Marcum.

Tug Valley High School Principal Dr. Johnny Branch said ” we are very appreciative and excited for the help and support we have received throughout this project.”

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