Local NWTF Chapter holds 8th annual Fishing Day

By Roger Wolf Outdoors Columnist

The Logan Area Chapter of the National Wild Turkey Federation has been hosting an annual fishing day for the past 8 years. This year’s event was a huge success, even despite the threat of heavy storms in the area.

Each year the Chapter purchases catfish to stock at the fishing pond at the Camp Chief Logan Boy Scout Camp and invites all the area youth to come out for a fun day of fishing and door prizes. Not only was the pond full of hungry catfish, but the Chapter provides a delicious hot dog lunch to boot. Best of all it was all free of charge!

The Chapter starts well in advance of the event getting door prizes donated from outdoor companies all over the country, as well as many from local vendors. This year was no exception. Many local groups stepped up big this year such as Cabela’s of Charleston, Acculabs, and the Logan County Commission just to name a few.

If it weren’t for the team effort and generosity of the local vendors, the Chapter couldn’t continue putting on such a great event. Businesses like these that step up to help provide something good for the area youth should always be commended.

There is nothing like spending the day watching a group of youngsters enjoy the outdoors and hearing the squeals of delight as another big fish is hauled in. Fishing wasn’t the only game in town on Saturday.

The Logan Area Chapter also had the WV NWTF JAKES Take Aim Trailer on hand so all the kids in attendance could try their hand at shooting air rifles. The kids certainly had fun taking a turn in the inflatable shooting range.

The JAKES Trailer travels around the state each summer to different events allowing kids of all ages and sizes to get introduced to air rifles. For several youngsters at the event it was their first time ever shooting a gun of any kind.

Safety is always stressed when shooting any type of gun, especially in the Take Aim Trailer. Who knows when the safety skills taught at an event like this might be the very same safety measures that save a life around a firearm.

Thankfully, the heavy rains held off, the fish were biting and everyone got to fully enjoy the entire day’s events. Door prizes were handed out left and right, and almost half the kids in attendance went home with a new fishing rod.

Seeing all those smiling faces and hearing the hoots and howls as catfish after catfish is hauled on to the bank definitely drives home that there is more to life than iPods, video games, and all other sorts of hand held technology. Whether it is at an event like this one or on a lazy river bank, you just can’t beat spending the day with an up and coming fisherman (or woman) just enjoying the sights and sounds that fishing brings.

— Roger Wolfe is an Outdoor Columnist for Civitas Media. He can be reached at [email protected]

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