Staten wins bass tourney

Tug Valley Bass Anglers Club ClassicPresented by Border’s Sporting Goods

Staff Report

CHEROKEE, Tenn. – On October 31st/ November 1st the Tug Valley Bass Anglers held its ninth tournament of the 2015 season on Cherokee lake in Tennessee. 26 anglers competed in the event. This was the Club Classic, the final tournament of the year.

Weather for the tournament was great with temperatures in the 70’s, no rain and very little wind.

Cherokee was in the process of being drawn down for winter and was about 25 feet below summer pool. The water was clear on the lower end of the lake and became stained up in the back end.

The fish were caught on the main lake as well as in the creeks and were from 1 to 12 feet deep.

There wasn’t one main pattern for this tournament, fish were caught all over the lake and on all kinds of different baits.

The top finishers are as follows.

1st—Brandon Staten —- Sat (5 fish) Sun (5 fish) 29.51 lbs.

2nd—MO —- Sat (5 fish) Sun (3 fish) 20.76 lbs.

3rd—Lynn Fields —- Sat (4 fish) Sun (2 fish) 16.03 lbs.

4th— Tommy Hopkins —- Sat (0 fish) Sun (5 fish) 13.39 lbs.

5th—Lacy Edmiston —- Sat (5 fish) Sun (0 fish) 12.74 lbs.

6th— Bryan Fields —- Sat (3 fish) Sun (2 fish) 10.85 lbs.

7th— Johnny Webb —- Sat (2 fish) Sun (2 fish) 10.64 lbs.

8th—Don Taylor—- Sat (4 fish) Sun (1 fish) 10.61 lbs.

9th—Steve Cullop —- Sat (2 fish) Sun (1 fish) 10.44 lbs.

10th— Kevin Runyon —- Sat (3 fish) Sun (1 fish) 8.32 lbs.

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For more information about the Tug Valley Bass Anglers check out their web site at and also join them on Facebook.
Tug Valley Bass Anglers Club ClassicPresented by Border’s Sporting Goods


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