Holgorsen talks about bye week, Maryland

By Kyle Lovern - [email protected]


MORGANTOWN – West Virginia University’s football team (2-0) has an early bye week for the 2015 season after a pair of opening wins over Georgia Southern and Liberty.

Next week the Mountaineers will host regional rival Maryland. WVU moved up to No. 27 in the Associated Press poll this week, just outside the top 25.

Head Coach Dana Holgorsen addressed the media this week and here is part of that press conference.

In his opening statement Holgorsen said, “We are heading into the bye week, and I will fill you all in on what the plan is moving forward. We started game prep for Maryland yesterday. We all know how important the Maryland game is. Every game is important. We know this one is pretty important. Going on my fifth year, I have been fortunate enough to go against them. I know what this game means to our team, our school and our fan base. It’s the same thing for them. Fortunately for us, we get two weeks to deal with it, opposed to where they only get one week to deal with it. It’s the schedule. We are going to be on the flip side of that two weeks from now. Oklahoma has a bye week when we play Maryland. It all evens out in the end.”

Holgorsen answered a question on what he knows at this point in time that he didn’t know two weeks ago.

“I think you constantly keep figuring things out about your team. It’s not just week one to week two. You are going to find out some things about how these guys develop in week 10 and week 11 as well. I am happy with where we are at.”

Holgorsen added, “Defensively, we know we are going to be pretty good. We have to live up to the expectations that we put upon ourselves defensively. That’s what I told the team. I am not disappointed in our defense whatsoever. I am just reminding them that they are the ones that set the bar pretty high. That’s how we need to play. That’s how we need to prepare. That’s how we need to play defensively. We need to play better then we played the week before based on the fact that we as coaches and we as players have set the bar pretty high.”

“Offensively, we need to keep getting better. I do think that we made improvements this past week. I think we did in both the run game and pass game. We are still doing some things right. We did a much better job of finishing on offense. Our third down percentage was a lot higher. Our red zone was perfect. We did a much better job at finishing, and we continue to do a better job at taking care of the ball,” the WVU coach stated.

Holgorsen said he is “happy with where we are at on special teams. Our coverage units have been good.”

“Our specialists have been outstanding with (senior punter) Nick (O’Toole) and (redshirt sophomore kicker) Josh (Lambert) doing the job that they do. We know that the return aspect needs to continue to evolve and get better, but I think we are all happy with where we are at from that point of view as well,” he added.

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By Kyle Lovern

[email protected]

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