Rep. Jenkins: Epa acts again to kill jobs

WASHINGTON – U.S. Representative Evan Jenkins (R-W.Va.) issued the following statement today regarding the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s announcement of tightened ozone standards:

“Today’s announcement is another attempt by the EPA to promote its radical agenda at the expense of West Virginia’s jobs. We have already seen how committed the EPA is to destroying West Virginia’s coal jobs, and now the EPA is aggressively pursuing attacks on our manufactures and factories. This ozone rule threatens manufacturing jobs across West Virginia and the nation, placing the administration’s environmental agenda ahead of the livelihood of our families. Our state has already been hit by anti-coal, anti-mining, and anti-coal fired power plant regulations, and West Virginia can’t afford another round of oppressive regulations,” Rep. Jenkins said.

The EPA announced today that it will lower the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for ozone from the current standard of 75 parts per billion to 70 parts per billion. Rep. Jenkins introduced an amendment in the House Appropriations Committee to block implementation of the new ozone standard. The committee voted to adopt the amendment, which was attached to the EPA-Interior appropriation bill.

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