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Letter to the Editor:

I did not attend the football game between Mingo Central and Westside, but I heard about what happened later that night. I then remembered hearing a little of a conversation at Gilbert Middle earlier in the day. I did not hear enough then to know they were talking about what would happen that night at the game.

So you see this had been planned for a while. I am not on Facebook but from what I have heard there are many people as upset as I have been. I don’t think anyone can say anything positive about it unless they are as dishonest as this coach. In my opinion, throwing the game is a coward’s way out. If you are good enough, you can beat the top team no matter when you play them, playoff or championship game. You are telling your team you don’t have enough confidence in them to beat a team so I am going to do whatever it takes to make it to the championship game.

I also think it was a slap in Westside’s face. Even though this made it possible for them to get a playoff game, that was not this coach’s reason for intentionally losing. I know one of their main players has been out due to injury but were all of the starters really nursing injuries? A coach should be a mentor and set good examples for his players. All they have learned from their coach is that it is alright to do anything no matter how wrong to get what you want. From what I have heard, some teachers and administration at the school knew what was going to happen. If this is true, then shame on them. I think word had even made it to Westside. I also heard their coach showed class by the way he coached the game. I once read a sign that said, “Character is doing the right thing even when no one is watching.”

It seems that the losing coach can’t even use good character when everyone is watching. All this coach cared about was making it to the championship game no matter what it took. This was an example of cheating. If the WVSSAC doesn’t have a rule against this then they should seriously think about adopting one. The Mingo County Board of Education needs to do something. The coach needs to be fired, which I doubt will happen. At least suspend him from coaching the rest of the season. He shouldn’t even be allowed to watch from the stands. You reward him if you don’t punish him. Show these kids that there are consequences for our actions. We have someone like this representing our area, even if you don’t approve of such behavior. Word spreads fast and far. Can you imagine what people in the rest of the state think about the school and our area?

A letter to the editor needs to be in good taste and cannot be libelous. The definition of libel is to publish a statement falsely damaging a person’s reputation. I don’t think I have damaged this coach’s reputation. He has done that on his own. If I am wrong about any of this, please let me know and I will apologize. Thank you.


Pam Surber

Gilbert, W.Va.

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