Legalizing marijuana in W.Va.

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The West Virginia legislature will be presented a survey about changing marijuana laws in the Mountain State.

The West Virginia chapter of NORML, a marijuana advocacy organization, is currently conducting a survey of citizens in the state about the legalization of cannabis.

The group plans to hand deliver a survey to every member of the legislature when they hold an interim session on September 13.

The survey can be found at It asks those who are filling out the online form questions about decriminalizing pot. They are asked about medical marijuana and recreational pot use, much like other states have done, particularly in Colorado.

The survey also asks whether citizens would support a constitutional amendment to allow ballot initiatives in West Virginia.

It will be interesting to see how this goes with certain legislators.

Some say legalizing marijuana could help the Mountain State’s troubled economy.

Like Colorado, the state could reap millions in tax revenue. Entrepreneurs could open shops and those businesses could boost the economy.

Marijuana is legal to purchase in Alaska, Colorado, Oregon, Washington and the District of Columbia. Since 1996, 23 states passed laws allowing for public medical marijuana and cannabis use, according to a report by NORML.

However, West Virginia is a very conservative state. Whether the legislators will seriously consider even medical marijuana will be difficult, let alone recreational pot.

The state is looking at legalizing the growing of hemp, which is a cousin to marijuana. Hemp is used to make rope, oils and other products.

NORML will have their work cut out for themselves when lobbying the Mountain State’s legislative leaders.

Will West Virginia join some other states to legalize cannabis? It remains to be seen. But it will be an interesting topic to follow.

Our Thoughts
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