All things are possible

Ralph & Elizabeth Pyszkowski

By Ralph & Elizabeth Pyszkowski

Guest Columnists

Many times throughout life we are given negative reports. We may be told that we can never graduate from college or get that job. The doctor may inform us that our medical conditions will never improve. Some will say that it is impossible for us to go to Heaven because of our past. The media constantly spews gloomy news and reinforces that our country is going down the drain. It is easy to conclude that things will never change and we should not expect a favorable outcome. We can choose to listen to these voices and live in defeat. Instead, we can believe the report of the Lord and live victoriously.

An important declaration by Jesus is written in Matthew 19: 26: “But Jesus beheld them, and said unto them, With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible.” Sometimes the reality is grim and our circumstances may be dismal. It may be true that we cannot achieve a task on our own. Jesus calls us to look to him in all situations and remember who he is. God holds the highest office and there are no limits to his power. If he can create our vast universe from nothing, then he can address our miniscule problems. All we have to do is put him first, pray and watch him respond in amazing ways. His power will change the facts of our discouraging situations.

The answer to overcoming negativity and contrary circumstances is a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ. A daily walk with him will allow you to hear the voice of truth and know his plan. His word will inspire you and boost your faith to live above mediocrity. A prayer life can change the course of a nation. He will listen to his children’s prayers and prove that faith can move mountains. His track record is perfect, his promises are true, and he will never fail. In the worst of times, he will be with us and lift us up. Even though things may look completely impossible, we can be encouraged. When we put our faith in Jesus, all things are possible to them that believe.

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Ralph & Elizabeth Pyszkowski & Elizabeth Pyszkowski
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