Worries over starting school

Family Life

By Dawn Reed

Guest Columnist

I don’t know if you’ve noticed but the river has been up lately. Not with rain, but from the tears of mothers, fathers and grandparents. It’s that time of year when kiddies go off to kindergarten, middle school, high school and college. (This can leave some moms curled up in a ball, questioning the meaning of life.) We feel like our treasured children are being taken off to Babylon where the evils of this world lurk and lure and we are terrified.

We can think of many things to fret over. We are concerned about whether or not they will be able to make friends AND about the friends they will make. We worry if they will eat their lunch, if they will have on the right clothes, if they will understand the material that they will be given. Will they be bullied or BE a bully? Will they work well with others or will they work TOO WELL with others and end up in detention?! Will they be included or totally left out? Will they be kind and good or will they be good at getting into trouble? Holy Smokes, it’s a lot of thinking!

I’ve been in those shoes, too. I cried off all of my makeup when my kids started Kindergarten, then high school and was sick to my stomach when they went off to college.

At this very scary time, we have two options: We can worry ourselves to death, ending with more wrinkles and ulcers or…We can teach our kids about trusting God.

Life is often hard. It has been at times for us, though we try to make it easier for our offspring. We know from experience difficulties make us stronger. If we believe there is nothing that can happen that God can’t help us through, then we need to act like it!

We can pray for our kids like we mean it-in the car, with eyes open, of course, or before they leave for the bus. We can put verses and smiley faces in their lunch boxes, or hang them up to see as they get ready for their day. (“Be strong and courageous, for the Lord is with you”-Joshua 1:9 is a personal favorite. Also, “I can do all things through Christ Who gives me strength”-Philippians 4:13.) If kids live away, texting verses can also work well (but not too early). Or just remind them that you are praying for them. Depending on family is great, but we are only made of flesh and blood. We can’t be everywhere all the time!

Many people in the Bible left their parents and families, too. Hannah prayed for a son and then-just as she had promised-she took him to live at the temple. Joseph was sold by his brothers and taken to Egypt. (This might not apply to your situation unless you have 12 sons and have made one your clear favorite.) But, through each one of Joseph’s difficult times, God was with him and blessed him. Daniel was kidnapped along with his friends and taken to the pagan land of Babylon, yet they chose to depend on God no matter what everyone else was doing. When David left home for only a day, he ended up facing and defeating a GIANT! Whew!

We don’t know what this school year will bring but God does. He will help you and your beloved children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. He really will! He knows EXACTLY how you feel. He made your big or little one and He has a plan for them! He can be trusted!

We teach our kids so many things. How about showing them how to depend on God?

Family Life
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