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Ralph & Elizabeth Pyszkowski

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyskowski

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Have you ever read a passage from the Bible and did not understand it? Or felt that a particular scripture was strange? If this is the case, than you are not alone. Many people would admit that there are some parts of the Bible that are difficult to comprehend. Even the greatest theologians would tell you that they do not know everything that the Bible has to offer. That is the beauty of a divine document that contains the thoughts of God. Although we do not understand every scripture, God challenges us to have the faith to obey him.

Luke chapter 5 contains an amazing story how Peter’s faith was challenged. After a long night of failure, Peter was unable to catch one single fish. The fishermen sailed to shore in disappointment and ran into Jesus who makes a strange request. He tells them to get back in their boats and cast their nets for a catch. Although exhausted and baffled, Peter obeys Jesus and witnesses an extraordinary miracle. Numerous fish are caught and begin to break the nets and even threatens to sink the boats. What if Peter would not have listened to Jesus? He would never have had that experience that only fishermen hope for in their wildest dreams. The blessings of the Lord overflowed Peter’s boat because of his obedience.

There are moments in the journey that will challenge our faith. Also, there will be times where we will question God’s word. It is then that we will have to make a decision just like Peter. We can do what will make more sense to us at the time and reject God’s command, or we can simply trust God and obey his word. If we choose the latter, we will find that God knows best. Following the scripture will lead us to success, bring us closer to God, and obtain a more fulfilling life. We may never understand everything about God but he does expect us to obey his commandments. Why not surrender all to Jesus today? Quit rationalizing yourself into disobedience and following your selfish passions. God desires to fill your life full of his blessings.

(Ralph & Elizabeth Pyszkowski, Your Brother & Sister In Christ. (All comments are welcomed at [email protected])

Ralph & Elizabeth Pyszkowski & Elizabeth Pyszkowski
Biblical Devotions
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