Out of Control? Strength for the Moment


By Chris Blevins

Guest Columnist

I spoke with a neighbor friend of mine last week. He shared a story that he used in his ministry at Jacob’s Well and I want to share it with you readers. He explained that he begins by giving out two index cards. He has the people line them up on their sides like a capital “T”. He asks them to peruse over the index card and how they are both so thin and should not be able to stand on their sides but by leaning on one another a nearly impossible task becomes possible. Do not get ahead of me as you read, lol.

My neighbor says he then asks those present what worries them in this world. He asks them to think about problems, failures, etc… He then asks them to think about what they can control. There are certainly things in our lives we can control that falls under cause and effect and reaping what you sow. But life in general is not controlled by us. My neighbor then throws this at me.

Though we are hardly ever cognizant of this fact, the earth is always rotating at approximately one thousand miles an hour. Then the earth rotates around the sun and is moving at eighteen miles per second. With so much movement going on, how do the index cards sit still?

When we look at the order that God has established in the galaxies and heavens He created it is mind blowing. How do I even walk to my television?

In all of the chaos, He is still God. A lot of people were slaughtered this weekend in Orlando, Florida. From The Voice contestant on Friday night to the 49 people in the night club. I do not even begin to say I understand why because I do not. But I do know God is in control and he loves everyone. Mommies and daddies lost children that night. As another one of my neighbor’s said to me, those mommies and daddies were not interested in a religious dialogue or a political statement. They just need loved and comforted.

Aren’t we glad we serve a God that sent His Holy Spirit to comfort? There are things that happen this world again that I could never explain. But you see, I hold the hand of the One who can explain. I hold the hand of the One who created it all. It is a wonderful place to be. Love and blessings to all and Orlando Florida we are praying for you.

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