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Dawn Reed

By Dawn Reed

Guest Columnist

My beloved and I went dancing the other night. We didn’t get all dressed up; we didn’t even go out of town. It was at the Peking restaurant right here in Prestonsburg.

After church Sunday evening, as usual, several people wanted to go out and eat. One in the group mentioned Chinese food. You don’t have to ask us twice!

As we drove the short way from church, I was already trying to decide what to get. Everything is always scrumptious. I sometimes order from the menu because it keeps me from over-eating. Actually, the menu portion is pretty impressive. It just keeps me from over-MIXING. I love, love, LOVE everything on the buffet, but I eat too many different things! Jalapeno chicken is my beloved’s favorite; mine, too! But the chicken and rice noodles are my other favorite.

My first favorite in the 90’s, was General’s Chicken. I ordered it every time we went to the Peking in South Side mall. I had to give it up because I had the worst belches on the way home. Even when I kept my mouth closed it was dreadful! My family screamed like I had killed them and we all rolled down the windows. (They’re a little dramatic.)

On Sunday night, when we got to the restaurant, I ordered the buffet. (I have no discipline.) We were enjoying the cheese wontons (my favorite, too), egg rolls and everything else when we heard what was playing on their sound system. It was old songs from the very early 80’s. We laughed and reminisced as we sang along. Good friends, good food and good music…good times.

Cool Night by Paul Davis came on next. I smiled, remembering when it was popular. My beloved reached his hand across the table and said, “Let’s dance.” I know my eyes were big. “What?” I asked, knowing exactly what he had said. “Let’s dance,” he encouraged standing up. “Here?!” I stammered. I WANTED to. I REALLY wanted to, but HERE?! In the RESTAURANT?!

As I was trying to decide, my friend Ginger shoved me out of my chair. Apparently I was going to dance!

My beloved took my hand, put his hand on my side and there we went, laughing as we swayed. People around the restaurant stopped mid-bite to wonder what on earth was going on. Some little kids at a table close by sat with their mouths open. Mrs. Gaye-a sweet lady in our party-was taking pics or videoing. I caught sight of them as we moved, pretending they couldn’t see us. And then my dance partner decided to spin me. I didn’t knock the table over but we took up a lot more room. We finished the song and took our seats still smiling.

I really do want to be spontaneous. I want to do fun and silly (but mostly non-dangerous) things on the spur of the moment! So why do I get scared when the opportunity comes? I like being in my comfort zone but every now and then I have to be pushed or shoved to get out of it! Dancing in public looks so cool on TV! I guess I was afraid people would think I was crazy. (Those close to me are sure of that already.)

Sometimes God pushes me out of my comfort zone, too. I WANT to do great things. I WANT to change the world. I say, “Yes, Lord! Send me!” But then when I get the plan or a specific thing I know He is wanting me to do, I say, “Are you sure…..?” and get a little scared. But then…if I’m willing…and if I trust Him…He leads me to places and on adventures I never dreamed of!

I can’t help thinking of Lee Ann Womack’s song, “I Hope You Dance”. “…And when you get the choice to sit it out or dance…I hope you dance!” I want to DANCE! I DO! I DO! To have a husband who wants to dance with me in the middle of a public place is the coolest! I told him I won’t hesitate ever again!

Dawn Reed Reed
Family Life
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