Legislature off to an exciting start

Del. Justin Marcum

From the desk of

Delegate Justin Marcum:

The second session of the 82nd Legislature has been off to an exciting start. I am humbled and honored to represent the people of the 20th District.

The House is focused on working for coal jobs and in support of all the miners in our great state. Along with the work for coal jobs, there are many bills this session in hopes to better West Virginia and to bring jobs to our area.

House Bill 4239 has been a major piece of legislation on my agenda to introduce for a few years now. This bill would serve to construct a modern highway from Pikeville, Kentucky to Beckley, West Virginia. It would also work to bring jobs to Southern West Virginia. House Bill 4239 would also help diversify our economy and put coal miners back to work on this highway construction.

There are a few House Bills dealing with education thus far this session. One of the bills is House Bill 2163. This particular bill would work to increase salaries for school service personnel. Another education related bill, House Bill 2164, would work to provide pay increases for teachers and counselors. We cannot continue to pay our teachers such a low wage.

There are also a number of bills dealing with businesses and industry this session. For example, House Bill 2165, would work to create a tax credit for certain businesses with more than 25 employees that relocate to reclaimed mountaintop removal land. House Bill 2176 is another bill that relates to Southern West Virginia and would create a tax credit for certain businesses that locate within a 25 mile radius of a Hatfield-McCoy recreation head. Each of these bills would help bring more jobs to Southern West Virginia.

Another bill, House Bill 2970, would work to authorize county commissions and municipalities to cooperate and enter into agreements removing or demolishing dwellings or buildings unfit for human habitation. This bill would help clean up and make our small town more attractive and safe.

House Bill 4240 is another piece of legislation that is in the system under consideration. This bill would work to increase the penalties and mandatory minimum sentences for drug traffickers bringing drugs and in the state and distributing drugs. This particular bill is aimed at stopping the out-of-state drug traffickers.

I always welcome any questions, concerns or suggestions. Feel free to reach me by email at [email protected] or by telephone at (304)340-3126. My office is located at Room 150R, Building 1, State Capitol Complex, Charleston, WV 25305.

Del. Justin Marcum
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