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Chris Blevins

By Chris Blevins

Guest Columnist

Wars, rumors of Wars, perilous times, famines, pestilence, hatred, bigotry, murder, robbery, showing forms of Godliness but denying His power; these are just a few of the specifics Scripture teaches will come to pass as this world continues to revolve and time passes by. Certainly all of the above are coming pass. All one has to do is spend five minutes watching the news or reading the newspaper and every item on the entire list would receive a check-mark.

This Thanksgiving seems to be ushered in with much hate. The fourth Thursday in November is a United States holiday but the U.S. has citizens and influence all around the globe and hatred has exposed itself in epidemic proportions. This is witnessed by an unprecedented number of people with access to multi-media. Hatred is spread as never before!

Then I remember. God is in control. 1 John 4:8 states that God is love. While so many forms of media are spreading hate around the world true love was displayed with one Man and His disciples several thousand years ago. They were able to spread the Good News of Christ and His Love with no electricity, no wi-fi, no television, no cell phones or land lines! The message of Love and Thanksgiving spread like wildfire by the sheer power of the Holy Spirit and continues to do so today.

The message that Jesus Christ loves the world is spread today with various forms of media but the power of the message still comes from the Holy Spirit. So remember that even though this Thanksgiving feels ruled by hate, despair and hopelessness there is a love that conquers all hate, despair and hopelessness. It only comes from Jesus. The Bible tells us in Psalms 34:8 to taste and see that the Lord is good: The world needs more goodness.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Chris Blevins Blevins
Strength for Moment
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