What’s Christianity Got To Do With It?

By Ralph & Elizabeth Pyszkowski, - Guest Columnists

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyszkowski

Perhaps the greatest issue of the 21st Century is Islamic terrorism. We are hearing predictions of World War III as more countries become engaged in the global war against ISIS. As the world seen the brutal attacks on Paris, a Russian plane exploded, and other recent attacks around the world, more are realizing its magnitude. In the midst of chaos and panic, many folks can say some crazy things. Political correctness can rear its ugly head and dangerous ideas will flow. Biblical doctrine can keep us founded on the rock to be stable in times of turmoil.

It is interesting that Christians are the ones getting the lectures and reprimands with each terroristic bombing. As many, including our government leaders, rush to the aid of Islam and promote it as a religion of peace and remind us that not all Muslims are terrorists. This is the consistent theme as Christians are chastised for not being tolerant and loving enough. We are chided for our mistakes including the crusades. Just one question for these “deep thinking” intellectuals: What has Christianity got to do with it? They want to compare these barbaric acts and make connections with the Christian faith. This is like comparing the Pacific Ocean to the tug river.

The only problem is that “Christian” terrorists are few and far in between. When was the last time you seen a Christian hijack a plane and explode it into a building? Or one that beheaded an innocent baby in the name of Christ? No one is aware of any other religious groups declaring a holy war and aiming to impose sharia law as they dominate the world. The scripture teaches us in Matthew 7:16 that we can judge the fruit of others to know if they are of God. The truth is that Christians are being beheading for their religion and are in danger of extinction in the Middle East. If you want to make an argument that not all Muslims are bad terrorists, than make it. However, when people attempt to promote tolerance and understanding by demeaning Christianity, it seems a bit contradictory. Why even bring it up when addressing the Islamic terrorism at all? Are we trying to justify these atrocities by saying all religions are doing it? By becoming more sympathetic to terrorists, will we reach them or put our lives in more danger?

There are also politically correct ideas that all religions have the same ideas and lead to heaven. How can all religions be true when they contradict each other? Why do folks say we all serve the same God when the quran shares that Allah has no son? Especially since the cornerstone of the Christian faith is God giving us his son. Also, this includes his son becoming the savior of the world. What does the Bible say about such a theory? Jesus settled the issue in the garden as he prayed to God the night before the crucifixion. He prayed that if there was any other way to let the cup of the cross pass from him in Matthew 26:39. God was silent as if to say there was no other way and it would take Christ laying down his life to save the world. Jesus also declared that I am the way, the truth, and the life, and no man would go to heaven but through him. As Franklin Graham has said so many times, “God loves Muslims.” You don’t have to die for God in a holy war to go to heaven but put your faith in Christ. Jesus died on the cross to save Muslims and people of all backgrounds.

(Ralph & Elizabeth Pyszkowski, Your Brother & Sister In Christ. All comments are welcomed at [email protected])

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyszkowski
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By Ralph & Elizabeth Pyszkowski,

Guest Columnists

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