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So I’m having a conversation with my daughter not long ago and she’s telling me how excited she is about what she was getting ready to do, all except she didn’t use the word excited, she said “psyched”! Now, I have zero recollection of what it was she was actually so “psyched” about because I got lost in deep thought when I heard her say that word…PSYCHED!

It got my brain going into over-load mode! I instantly began thinking of the slang words I used when I was her age (in the 90s). I honestly don’t remember having a slang word that I used for excited, other than just plain ole’ excited, but memories of all my other “cool” words instantly flooded my mind while my daughter and I were talking.

“Cool beans” was commonly used when something was…well…cool! But come to find out, it was a word that was also used in the 1970’s that made a huge comeback when I was in high school. Now when I hear kids speak of something “cool beans” worthy, they say awesome sauce! Sauce? Really? Come on! Beans are way better than sauce. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.

Back in the 90’s, when slang words were not so “lame”, my friends and I had our fair share of slang usage. We were “all that and a bag of chips” and as we seen it, “da bomb”! Later the words “da bomb” became “phat”…I didn’t mean to spell “fat” either, it was legit “phat”! To me, using “da bomb” instead of “phat” just makes more sense. I can recall someone telling me that I was “phat” once, I was so offended and went into starvation for weeks because I thought they were telling my I was actually “fat”. “Da bomb” is honestly much more appropriate.

It didn’t do a bit of good to try to argue with a gal in the 90’s either. You’d never win! All we heard was “blah blah blah” and would end the argument with “whatever” and “loser” then politely turn to our friends as say, “let’s bounce” as walked away with our fingers in the w sign on our foreheads. Yeah, I still use those words today! Some things are just worth keeping!

I also remember, when something repulsed me, using the term “gag me with a spoon.” That’s a phrase that stuck around for what seemed like an eternity. I’m pretty sure people started using it in the 80’s. For instance, my friends tried to fix me up on a date with a guy that wasn’t so “fly” and “gag me with a spoon” was my initial reaction. Yep, that one changed for me later too, now I say “gag a maggot off a gut wagon”! Who knows where that one came from?

Now when someone did something I didn’t like or agree with, like drink the last pop from the fridge, they were automatically a “butt munch”. That didn’t mean that they legit munched butt, it just meant they were really an obnoxious human being. But if that person drank the last pop AND ate the last Little Debbie snack cake, they moved up a notch on the obnoxious level and became a “butt fungus”.

When I’m invited to a party or gathering I always know I’m going to “have a blast”. That’s a pretty normal way to say I’m going to have fun, right? NOPE! I also learned recently that’s not the proper way to say I’m going to have fun. It’s “turnt” according to my teenage daughter! “Turnt?” What the puke? That makes me think of a burned turnip! “Whatever”!!!

And mad! How about that one? Teens today go around saying “mad” all the time. I don’t get it because they’re always smiling when they say it. You won’t catch me smiling when I’m mad! But there I sat in wonder on why these kids are so happy when they’re “mad”. Yeah, I got a lesson on that one too. Apparently it means “very much of something”, like when a boy is cute, he is “mad hot” (very handsome).

Also back in the 90’s when someone did something well or great, I said they were doing “awesome”. Who doesn’t use that word, right? Not today’s kids, it’s “toats” (totally) not “cool”. In the words of my oldest daughter, “Did you hear how good that girl sings? She was “killin’ it”. Geez kids! When I say “killin’ it”, I’m actually killing a bug or something. “Hey mom, there’s a spider in the shower.” “I know, I see it, I’m killing it!”

Anyway, it’s so funny how things change from year to year and how confused parents are these days. I literally have to Google many of the slang words my children use because I’m so lost. Kids, let’s bring the slang words of the 80’s and 90’s back. They make much more sense really…not to mention, your parents actually were “cooler” than you!

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