The Hope of the Resurrection

Chris Blevins

By Chris Blevins

Guest Columnist

In October, 1994 I lost someone who was not only dear to me but dear to many. Her name was Louise Dove, my grandmother. Many knew her. She was a very Godly woman who was extremely humble and very unassuming. Her house was your house and though she had ten children of her own she had many more running up and down the roads at Nolan. Nolan at that time was Anytown USA, a place where parents and grandparents would keep an eye out for strangers and also not think twice of correcting someone else’s child if they were out of line. Neighbors appreciated these actions.

In December 2011 I lost my best friend in the world, my dad. My dad, like my grandmother, was a very a very humble and unassuming man. His head was full of knowledge but he usually didn’t share unless asked. Memory serves me that no matter the topic he would always have some fact or tidbit to contribute. Not to show off, only to share. He was a very wise man. He showed no fear. Up until the day cancer took his fleshly body he had still not given up the fight.

I have lost a lot of loved ones during my time one earth. My grandmother Blevins had fifteen children and my Grandmother Dove had ten. When you start to count grandchildren, in-laws, nieces, nephews, cousins and other relatives you reach several hundred easy. I lost one cousin to a train accident, several to car wrecks and just about any way you could imagine. I know this sounds somber and it is. But I have a hope.

Around two thousand years ago, a Father sent His only begotten son to earth to die. Not for any sins he had committed, but for the sins of Louise Dove, Frank Blevins, me and my family and you and your family. Yes, God sent Jesus as the payment for all sins committed by mankind. Jesus came, walked perfectly upon this earth for approximately thirty-three years and accomplished His mission. He died for us all. He arose on the Third day proving that He was the Messiah, the promised one, the first fruit of the grave. He set the precedent and because He died and rose again any person that accepts Christ as their Lord has the same promise of rising again as read in 1 Thessalonians Chapter Four.

I know many of you have similar stories like the ones shared above of regarding lost loved ones. Remember Easter is a time of celebration for Jesus arose from the grave as He said He would and that means one day my Granny Louise, my dad Frank Blevins and all of our loved ones who died with Christ in their hearts will raise again, never to be separated again. Praise the Lord.

Chris Blevins Blevins
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