Park Board looking to purchase new scoreboard

Donations sought for new, modern panel

By Kyle Lovern

[email protected]

WEST WILLIAMSON – The Williamson Park Board is looking to purchase a new multi-purpose scoreboard for Lefty Hamilton Park in West End.

The old scoreboard is outdated and doesn’t work very well, according to Brandon Ball, who is the new Assistant Park Board Director.

Ball said the Park Board is looking for corporate donations to help purchase a new scoreboard. The names of the businesses will be displayed above and below the new wireless and modern scoreboard. That advertisement will be on the billboard for years to come.

This new scoreboard would keep scoring and time for football, baseball and soccer games.

The price of the new scoreboard, which will be 14 feet by six feet, is around $6,800, according to Ball. He said that he already has some money pledged to help with the purchase, but more funding is needed.

Ball said others have given $500 and another business has pledged $1,000.

“Your donation is tax deductible,” Ball stressed. “The minimum donation for the billboard is $500.”

Ball reminded citizens of the area that many teams from the Mingo County area and even over into Pike County, Kentucky use Lefty Hamilton Park and the Jim Van Zant Baseball Field.

Williamson Middle School uses the facility for football, baseball and soccer. Mingo Central, Burch and Tug Valley have used the field for baseball. The Babe Ruth League also utilizes the field. The Ambassador Christian School also uses the park.

“This is an important project and one of the improvements we need to make to upgrade our facilities,” Ball said.

Future plans are to paint the historic Williamson Fieldhouse and to recover the roof. Bids are already out for those two projects.

If anyone wants to discuss this they can contact Ball at 304-235-3690 or on his cell at 606-426-5031. Or they can contact Peirce Whitt at 304-784-0088.

The Park Board members are Chris Ooten, Steve Wilson, John Mark Hubbard, Vinny Kudva, Glen Conner, Helen Stanley and Matt Newsome.

(Kyle Lovern is the Editor for the Williamson Daily News. He can be contacted at [email protected] or at 304-235-4242, ext. 2277 or on Twitter @KyleLovern.)
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