Green Line Energy moving forward

Company could produce jobs for laid off miners

By Cindy Moore and William Plaster - [email protected] [email protected]

Pictured is Daniel Akers and Daniel Hicks with the invention that could possibly give WV coal miners hope for employment.

RED JACKET — Green Line Energy, a proposed company based in Mingo County, is dedicated to producing green energy without any hazardous by-products or no hazardous emissions.

Daniel Hicks and Daniel Akers are co-owners of a new patented system that can possibly bring employment back to Southern West Virginia for displaced coal miners and veterans, along with providing projects to 4-H children and agriculture programs in the school systems.

“Coal will never be like it was before and I want to see these laid off coal miners get back to work doing something they already know how to do, and that’s to make energy,” said Hicks.

Hicks’s said that the electrical generating part of the Green Line Energy company will be run solely by coal miners, which will require little training for the job since it’s a system they are already familiar with and already have the knowledge on repairing the system as well. He also said it will be a very safe place to work since most coal miners have already been EMT certified and are able to treat and make the calls on an injured worker. Each shift of work at the Green Line Energy Company will have at least one certified EMT working.

Once the company is up and running, it’s first location to build on will be in the southern coalfields of West Virginia, where 50 percent of the state is unemployed. The company will be built on post mine land located on the new section of the King Coal Highway near Mingo Central High School.

This system will produce clean electrical energy without the use of wind or water and zero use of carbon fuels and very limited use of solar energy. Hick’s invention is a closed loop energy production system that allows 80 percent of the energy produced to be distributed.

The electrical generating process will produce two by-products that will be used with the up-most results being obtained. One by-product is heat. The heat from the Hydraulic cooling process will be used to heat and cool an industrial size greenhouse the size of a football field with three levels for crop rotation. The greenhouse will be operated by veterans and disabled veterans, along with the 4H kids. This greenhouse is projected to produce food all year round. The food that is produced will be sold to schools, local markets and hospitals. During the Spring season the greenhouse will also produce plant seedlings for gardens and farmers at a low cost and seedlings for flower plants for home spring flower gardens.

The other by-product that will be produced is hydrogen gas. The hydrogen gas will be collected and stored for the sale of auto fuel or industrial use.

Hicks says that all workers in the generating building will be in, and part of, the ground field. Everything in the electrical generating process will be fully bonded and grounded. The ground field zone must be below NEC code and will be maintained at 15 OHMs.

Hicks and Akers said that they feel that coal miners can adapt and still be great energy producers and that veterans can be put to work and 4H programs can be built back up to what they once were.

“The three commodities that this company would produce will always be in demand, regardless of what happens, electricity, food and fuel will always be needed,” stated Hicks.

Pictured is Daniel Akers and Daniel Hicks with the invention that could possibly give WV coal miners hope for employment. is Daniel Akers and Daniel Hicks with the invention that could possibly give WV coal miners hope for employment.
Company could produce jobs for laid off miners

Cindy Moore and William Plaster are reporters for the Williamson Daily News. To contact either of them, please call 304-235-4242 or by email at [email protected] or [email protected].

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