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Cindy Lou Moore

What’s up with the bees already? Seriously! Normally the bees don’t go all crazy until like some time in August. This year they starting swarming and going nuts early in July. I get why they go all stupid in the Fall, but early Summer?

Spring and Summer are my favorite seasons of the year… most years, with Fall being my least favorite, but this year I’m having a change of heart. Why so early little bees? Why are you interrupting the only peaceful time I get during the day to sit on the porch with my mom in the evenings after work?

The reason bees and wasps are worse in the fall, is because there are more of them … so they say! They emerge from hibernation in early summer and max out the space in their homes just as fall begins and sometimes it happens during the end of summer. But come on already…this year the little suckers got an early start…early July!

During the time that the little stinging suckers have laid and hatched a million and forty-eleven eggs and over flowed their living space, they get pretty hateful! They are prepping for the “Queen Bee” for the winter, and are more protective near their homestead (hive). The hateful behavior is made worse as local resources for food are depleted, and they get rumbled tummies. A few happy bees are nice to have around because they pollinate flowers and plants, and kill some insects that harm the vegetables in your garden. So that’s what is told anyway. As for me, no bee is a happy bee! As their population reaches maximum capacity and sources for food grows scarce, they will become more of a nuisance, and even try to find their way into your home to kick you out and take over.

If you think having bees and wasps and other flying suckers around inside you home is a horrible idea, just like I do, there are a few things you can do to avoid that situation. One way is to make your home unappealing, yeah, make it unappealing, by removing anything that produces a sweet floral scent like soaps, perfumes, and air fresheners. Bees also like sugar so if you’ve left any juice or soda sitting out, those little stinging suckers will be drawn to them. So in other words, get rid of the soap…no need in washing your body, or even your hands, just say no to perfume (a little B.O. never hurt nobody), and it’s okay to let your house smell like a pig pen just to keep the bees away. Since bees like sugar in the summer, it’s a good time for you to plan that diet you’ve been wanting to start since January 1. GET RID OF ALL THE SUGAR IN YOUR HOME!

If you insist on your home smelling like a flower garden, another option is to seal it, so they can’t get in there. Screens are your first line of defense against bees and wasps. So, my advise is to just cover your entire house in screen if you want it to smell all pretty. Make sure to check the screen for holes or gaps, as they will still be able to get in after all the hard work you’ve put into covering 1,500 square feet with screen. The easiest way to locate where bees may be entering your house is to watch to see where they are entering and exiting, but that means they’ve probably already started a nest and chances are if you try to fix the problem yourself you’re gonna get stung 500 times and have to make a trip to the ER. So it might be a better idea to to hire someone from a pest control company… let them risk their lives instead of you!

I have picked up on a new skill this year though, because of the little suckers! I have some mad karate skills! I’ve learned to kick higher and in more directions than I thought my body was capable. I can also throw a mean right chop! I’m still working on my fly swatting skills though. When a bee comes near I start swinging like a mad woman! Just ask my mother! Poor mom is allergic to bees (I’m not) and she just sits there all calm, telling me “Don’t move, I’ll kill it!” and I’m all like “Yeah, okay mom, I’ll just sit here like there’s not a vicious monster trying to take my life!”. Before she can get close to the bee I’ve already went all Bruce Lee on it and made it mad.

They’re out to get me! I swear it! I don’t know why. I’ve done nothing to them, so revenge shouldn’t come into play. I’m not sweet, not a bit, I don’t smell like a flower garden and I don’t invite them to come hang out, so why do I attract them? Although I would like to believe that I’m a queen and the bees are only there to honor my royalty, I’m not the Queen Bee that the worker bees would be protective of. Why must I fight for my life just to have a nice little sit down on the front porch? Why is it a struggle to just sit there and drink a soda and eat a big fat candy bar?

Anyway, I’ve given you my advise on how to keep them away and I’ve told you about my new mad karate skills, but my original question remains … Why are they swarming in July? Does this mean we’re going to have an early winter? Is it going to be a bad winter? WHY?

Cindy Lou Moore
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Cindy Lou’s Loop

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