Lisa Crum announces the release of book

“Call Those Things: Bible-Based Prayer Confessions”

Lisa Crum

Staff Report

DELBARTON, W. Va. – Local inspirational author and blogger Lisa Crum is pleased and grateful to announce the debut of her book, Call Those Things: Bible-Based Healing Confessions, now available for wide distribution at FastPencil, Amazon, iTunes, and a growing number of retail and bookstores.

Call Those Things is a Religion and Spiritualism/Christian-genre book on the subject of healing through the spoken word. Taking Scriptures from the Holy Bible on a wide spectrum of physical and emotional conditions, the author teaches one how offer a confession of healing and abundant health based upon what is written in the Bible. The author proposes that the reader shouldn’t overlook the supernatural power of the inspired Holy Word, repeated back to God through prayers and faith declarations, in the quest for wellness.

Call Those Things has a retail price of $21.99 for paperback, $19.99 for a workbook-sized large print edition, and $9.99 for the downloadable ebook. Lisa is currently working on a soon-to-be-released audiobook version under the same title.

“Read these pages. Read them out loud. Read them silently. Get them in your mind and in your mouth. Get these pages in the atmosphere. Pin them on

your wall. Put them on your mirror. Put them on your refrigerator. Keep this book always with you. Use it. This is a manual for intercessors as well as a manual for those who are sick. Thank you, Lisa, for giving us a manual of tools with which to get well and help others get well.” —Dr. Peggy Scarborough, Speaker and Author

Ms. Crum is an administrative staff member of Regional Church of God in Delbarton, West Virginia, where Mitchell Bias, DD, serves as Senior Pastor. She and her husband, Dana, are lifelong Mingo County residents.

(Published by FastPencil, Copyright © 2015 Lisa V. Crum, Campbell CA 95008 USA)

Lisa Crum Crum
“Call Those Things: Bible-Based Prayer Confessions”
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