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Jeremy Howard

Staff Report

BELFRY, Ky. – Belfry Middle School principal Jeremy D. Howard has been nominated to serve as a Transformational Leadership Fellow for the 2016-17 academic year as part of the ARI-UK partnership. The overarching goal for the committee is to “build capacity to solve challenges and drive innovation in teaching and learning across the region.”

To that end, Transformational Leadership Fellows will work collaboratively with UK liaisons and KVEC liaisons to 1) create tools, products, and solutions for real problems of practice across the region; 2) identify and support untapped teacher talents; and, 3) support the growth and effectiveness of teachers. The year ahead for Transformational Leadership Fellows to be a productive and energizing time of professional growth and capacity building for all involved.

Transformational Leadership Fellows were selected from the ranks of principal, assistant principal, or central office administrator because of the impact that these leaders can have on schools, districts, and the whole region. Mr. Howard was hand-picked to serve in this new ARI role because of his knowledge, skills, and passion for high-quality teaching and learning and because of the promise he has shown as a leader who is committed to the region and to transforming schools for next-generation learners.

Upon accepting this call, which Mr. Howard has done, he will be invited to participate in ARI Leadership Academy sessions this year as well as participating in the Promising Practices Summit and the Action Research Summit in October and April respectively, as well as quarterly virtual meetings with all of the Transformational Leadership Fellows at dates/times that are convenient for the group.

Jeremy Howard Howard
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