Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor,

It is my pleasure to announce that our local union, the Mingo County Education Association and local affiliate of WVEA, voted yesterday in favor of endorsing Dr. Doug Ward for the position of county interim superintendent.

Among the applicants discussed at the meeting, Dr. Ward was found by our members to be the most experienced among all proposed applicants, having spent 28 years in public education, with 25 of those years at the administrative level. Dr. Ward was also found to have the highest level of education among the proposed applicants as well, holding a bachelor’s degree in social sciences, two master’s degrees (one in social sciences and the other in administration), in addition to a doctorate in educational leadership.

Dr. Ward has served as an administrator on all levels of the public school system in Mingo County, including elementary, middle, and high school. Members at the meeting also expressed their support for Dr. Ward based solely on his impeccable communication skills combined with an unwavering dedication to the students and teachers of Mingo County.

We ask that our members as well as the residents of Mingo County make their support for Dr. Ward known throughout the county as our board will be meeting on July 13th to review applications.


Brandon D. Wolford

MCEA President

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