High water on Dan’s Branch

BORDERLAND — The residents of Dan’s Branch of Borderland were trapped behind flood waters from the recent storms.

A stopped drain located a half-mile up Dan’s Branch hollow has caused water to rush over the road and resulting in damage to the road itself and to the properties in the path of the flooding water. The residents of the Borderland community have been trapped behind the flood water with no power or phone after Monday night’s storm.

Dan’s Branch is located along U.S. 119 northbound above Chattaroy. Residents say that the West Virginia Division of Highway’s road department has done multiple repairs to the area around the drain, but every time it rains they see the same problem.

Resident Bonnie Runyon said, “We are fed up with this, people can’t get out to report their power outages, this happens every time it rains.”

The drain in question belongs to a private resident who resides on Dan’s Branch. The West Virginia Department of Transportation confirmed that they can only provide work around the drain to provide relief from rushing water; they cannot touch the drain itself.

The West Virginia Department of Transportation communications representative Carrie Bly said, “We are aware that there have been complaints of high water in Dan’s Branch, however at the moment we cannot rush to that scene, we have another storm system of equal severity supposed to arrive later this evening (Tuesday night) and we are working with other organizations to remove obstructions that could cause more wide spread problems throughout greater areas.”

The obstructions being referred to are trees and other dangerous overhanging obstructions that were made present by the previous storm. If these obstructions are not cleared before the next storm arrives damage could be done that would affect larger areas of the population.

The last group of storms has caused a litany of problems for private citizens, state, and government organizations. However Mother Nature is not through yet. Another storm system was approaching fast and was scheduled to hit our area Tuesday evening.

Residents are warned to take to higher ground if creeks or streams rise near their homes. They are also encouraged not to drive through flooded roads.

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