BOE rejects policy revisions

By Courtney Harrison

CINDERELLA – At Tuesday’s regular meeting, the Mingo County Board of Education (BOE) voted to reject revisions to Policy 1540 involving the termination of administrative contracts.

Human Resources Director for Mingo County Schools, Dr. Richard Duncan, opened the discussion concerning revisions to Policy 1540 stating, “We had a policy open for public comment April 20 through June 2 regarding the termination of administrator contracts. I have here the comments that were entered by the public. In total, we received 42 comments from the public, a few of them were not relevant to this policy but it is an open forum.”

The comments were distributed among BOE members for review. After allowing the BOE members several minutes to review the comments, Duncan continued the discussion stating, “Most of the comments involve principal transfers. Many of them address the issue of certification. Principals in W.Va. are certified Pk-8. There is only one certification for principal. It didn’t used to always be that way. It used to be that there were separate certification for elementary, junior high, high school, and vocational administrators but a while back the state decided to do the one certification…. When they took out the individual certifications of principals, later on the legislature came back and said what we want you to do instead is for every county to establish a lateral transfer policy for every professional personnel. “

The discussion continued with Duncan explaining how the lateral transfer of administrators functions in other counties.

In regard to the revision of Policy 1540, Duncan stated that the BOE has three options. “You basically have three options now. You could approve the policy as it was put out on comment with all revisions as proposed. You could reject all revisions as proposed and leave the policy exactly the way it is right now with no changes whatsoever. Or, you could certainly propose other changes that are not listed currently in the policy revisions. If you do that, you would then generate a new policy, put that out for public comment for another 30 days, allow the public to comment on that and add their input and come back to a future board meeting to consider it then.”

Following Duncan’s explanation, BOE member Jackie Branch questioned, “In the event that there would other changes, is the board going to be included in that process or not?”

Duncan responded, “I think at this point, it would take a board action. Right now, we have kind of gone through the first stage of the process already. If the board would vote to make other changes, it would be up to your choice of course but you could say very specifically that we want to make these changes and put it back out for public comment… It is up to you at this point.”

BOE member David Farley questioned, “If we make elementary, to go up to PK-8, then that includes a raise. Later on, we would have to change the index and give them a raise. Is that correct?”

Duncan agreed stating, “Right. Right now, we have those three categories. Elementary, Middle and PK-8 have the same contract length. If we make them all lateral, you can’t make them different. If they are lateral; they are lateral. It is like you are making them the same. Even if they aren’t called the same thing, they have the same compensation and same contract length. We would have to change the index factor for Elementary and Middle Schools to match the PK-8 level…”

BOE member Robert “Hank” Starr stated, “With all that being said, Mr. President, I make a motion that we reject this Policy 1540 as presented and ask that the board be involved in the revisions of the new policy.”

Branch seconded the motion. Following discussion among members the motion carried.

Duncan responded stating, “Since the policy revisions have been rejected that means the current policy stays in force.”

For more information concerning the current BOE Policy 1540 visit

By Courtney Harrison

(Courtney Harrison is a news reporter for the Williamson Daily News. She can be contacted at [email protected], or at 304-235-4242 ext. 2279.)

(Courtney Harrison is a news reporter for the Williamson Daily News. She can be contacted at [email protected], or at 304-235-4242 ext. 2279.)

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