Police Beat

WILLIAMSON — Bradley Rex Cline, 40 of Baisden, was arrested after Trooper First Class J. K. Harris was contacted by Brian Gregory Layne, who advised him that he had been in an altercation with Johnna Michelle Williamson and Cline. Layne advised that he and Cline had an agreement for Layne to assist Cline in removing scrap material from Cline’s property. According to both Layne and Cline, the two became engaged in a verbal altercation concerning the agreement. Layne advised that he then went to the residence where Williamson and Cline staying. Layne related that upon his arrival to the residence, the despite continued and at some point Williamson and Cline began throwing rocks at Layne’s vehicle causing dents and scratches. Harris advised Layne to not return to the scene and further advised that he would meet Layne to obtain his statement. Upon arriving to Layne’s resident, Harris and Senior Trooper Kania were advised by Mingo County Emergency Communication Center that numerous emergency calls had been received advising of a fight near the scene of the altercation. Upon arriving to the scene, the officers observed Layne, Williamson and Cline involved in an altercation. As the officers approached in the marked WVSP cruiser, Layne entered his vehicle and drove towards the officers at which time the officers observed that the truck had a right front tire which was deflated. Upon making contact with Layne, he advised that he had returned to the area to drop off a friend at another residence when Williamson and Cline approached his vehicle and cut his tire. He further advised that both Cline and Williamson brandished knives and threatened to cause him harm. Layne was then detained pending further investigation. The officers made contact with Williamson and Cline who were located in the driveway of Angel Gibson. Both said that the altercation began when Layne returned to the scene and began cursing and threatening them from the roadway. Williamson and Cline advised that at some point in the altercation Layne retrieved a shovel from his vehicle and then struck Williamson in the arm with the shovel. Cline and Williamson were also detained pending further investigation. The officers then entered the residence of Angel Gibson who possesses security cameras which captured the incident on video. A review of the footage revealed that Layne did travel past the residence at which Cline and Williamson were staying to drop off a friend. As Layne’s vehicle is parked in the driveway, Cline and Williamson can be seen walking towards Layne’s vehicle and stooped in Gibsons yard to pick up rocks. Cline and Williamson continued to walk in Layne’s direction at which time Layne backed out of the driveway. As Williamson and Cline continued to walk toward Layne, Layne exited his vehicle and the three engage in a verbal altercation. Layne retrieved a shovel from the vehicle and raised it in a threatening manner while Cline and Williamson continue to approach him. The officers then observed Williamson and Cline approach the right side front tire at which time Layne claimed they slashed it. Williamson and Cline continue towards Layne and the altercation became physical. As the three parties begin moving closing to the camera, Layne hit both Williamson and Cline with a closed fist, at which time Williamson and Cline charge Layne. All three denied culpability and placed blame on the other. Cline and Williamson denied using knives during the incident however, they could not account for how Layne’s tire was cut. Layne, Cline and Williamson were arrested upon completion of the investigation. Layne and Cline were transported to the WVSP Williamson Detachment for processing and then transported to the South Western Regional Jail to await arraignment. Williamson was transported to Williamson Memorial Hospital as she was complaining of a possible broken arm. X-Rays revealed Williamson did sustain a fracture to her right arm. Upon release from Williamson Memorial, Williamson was transported to the WVSP Williamson Detachment and then transported to South Western Regional Jail.

Bille Wayne Wright Jr, 47 of Rawl W.Va., was arrested after officer J. Spence was dispatched for a male drunk and yelling profanity in front of children. Upon arrival, Spence observed Wright sitting on the sidewalk yelling and cussing. Spence asked Wright to quit cussing in front of the kids and to explain to him what was going on. Wright refused to quit yelling and cussing as the officer could smell a strong odor of alcohol coming from him. Spence attempted to get Wright to stand up so he could give him a sobriety test. As Spence began helping Wright to his feet, he kicked and swung a punch at the officer.

Steven Paul Ball, 58 of Williamson, was arrested after Senior Trooper S. A. Belt was on a routine road patrol along County Rt. 49 in Mingo County. Belt observed an ATV traveling on the road with a centerline and executed a traffic stop before making contact with Ball. Upon speaking with Ball, Belt observed him to be extremely nervous with glassy eyes. The officer then observed two fixed blades on Ball’s belt before performing a Terry Frisk and locating what is believed to be nine Gabapentin, a prescription drug. The officer requested that Ball perform three Field Sobriety Tests, of which he failed. Belt transported Ball to Williamson Memorial Hospital for a blood draw, of which Ball gave consent. Upon further investigation, Belt was informed by WVSP Dispatch that Ball’s privilege to operate a motor vehicle had been revoked for two prior Driving Under the Influence convictions. Ball did not have insurance or registration for the ATV.

Issac Vagott, 40 of Varney W.Va., was arrested after Senior Trooper D.M. Williamson responded to Delbarton in reference to a Domestic. Upon arriving to the scene, Williamson spoke with the victim who stated that Vagott engaged her in a physical altercation during which time he struck her with a closed fist several times as well as threatened to kill her.

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