KVFD keeping skills up to par

Logan Preece, Kenneth Hunt and Cain Maynard are shown training on how to save a life using the Jaws of Life.

KERMIT — The Kermit Volunteer Fire Department (KVFD) keeps there skills sharp by taking time to practice their training. Most Tuesday nights the members of the KVFD can be found out in the town of Kermit at the fire house having their weekly fire meeting and taking part in in-house training.

These men take pride in being a part of the fire service and in being the ones to respond when their community needs them.

Members of the KVFD take every opportunity they can to keep their skills up to date and to help other members out with their knowledge. Whether it be auto extrication using the jaws of life , searching in a building looking for someone trapped by heavy smoke and fire or first responding for the ambulance to help out on EMS calls, these men try their best to have the knowledge it takes to help and to get the job done.

To be able to do this they have to make time to get the classes that are required of them to be certified firefighters in West Virginia. This includes section one, which is a 120 hr. class that consists of CPR and First Aid, hazmat awareness and firefighting training. Even after taking all the hours required to be certified, they still take it up on themselves to do other trainings so that they can act to the best of their ability in the case of an emergency.

The KVFD has 21 certified firefighters and 23 members that are getting ready to start section one class just as soon as it becomes available.

The photo attached to this article shows just one of many training days they have had. With this they are learning how to do auto extrication and how to use the Jaws of Life to cut a person out if they were to be trapped in a vehicle during an automobile accident. This training took place on Tuesday June 30 at Middle Burning Creek in Kermit. Smith’s Towing donated two wrecked cars to KVFD to use during this training. They had 21 members present taking advantage of these skills.

To show how dedicated these men are, on the day in question it started pouring rain and instead of stopping and putting everything away, they remained working on the task in front of them because they know that emergencies can happen at any time whether it be raining, snowing or sunshine.

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