Gilbert Energy Express holding backpack drive

Mentor Danielle Browning is shown showing off her WOW face she learned from training in the picture.

GILBERT — Energy Express on the Gilbert site is in week two of the program and supervisors and mentors say it’s been a great week and they have got a lot of things accomplished.

The group has agreed to do a backpack drive for kids in the area and have been donated some backpacks already but they still need more and are willing to accept donations. They plan to put boxes around the community for people to use to drop off supplies to fill the backpacks if they would like to donate. Some of the boxes will be at a few local churches. They are hoping to get enough backpacks and supplies together to help several children that may be in need. Gilbert is a small community and is suffering greatly from all the recent coal mine layoffs.

“The kids have been great this week and they have really impressed all the mentors and myself,” said Josh Johnson. “It’s the second week here at the Gilbert site, and the mentors have almost already filled their rooms up with drawings, paintings, and stories from the kids.”

The Gilbert site of Energy Express had open house on Tuesday, July 7 for all those who were interested in learning what the program is all about. The supervisors and mentors would like to thank all those who paid a visit.

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