Mingo Central Robotics Team awarded

WILLIAMSON — Mingo Central Robotics team honored by Mingo County Board of Education.

At the start of the last Mingo County Board of Education ( BOE) meeting students from the Mingo Central Robotics team ( MCRT ) were awarded for their placing in a recent competition. The MCRT have competed in a handfull of competitions in Ohio and West Virginia over the school year. The Robot they brought to the meeting to display was their first ever tech-challenge robot, they placed second in the state of West Virginia with it.

The team was challenged with assembling the robot from a kit with no assembly instructions in a certain amount of time. The object of the challenge was to have the robot gather wiffle balls from the floor, the tricky part was that they could only acquire five of the balls at a time. The MCRT assembled a robot that allowed for the proper storage via a servo gate. This allowed the balls to be stored on the back side of the robot to ensure clearance and cargo safety.

The event was timed , The team was only given two minutes to acquire as many balls as they could and transport them to special sized tube that the balls would have to be dumped into. Through genius engineering the MCRT designed a robot that took into account the hardship of placing the balls in the tube , they installed devices that allowed the robot dump the cargo into the tubes quickly and easily. To finish the race the robot would have to travel up a ramp and place the tube on the finishing platform.

The Team members who were present were honored with certificates of achievement by the members of the BOE.

Also on the agenda for the BOE members was a recommendation to continue to employ Heritage Bus Lines as the primary school bus distributor. That Motion was approved by a vote of 5-0. The BOE members also motioned to have the current health department contract up-held regarding transportation employee physicals, that motion was approved also by a vote of 5-0.

Next the motion to move regular BOE meetings to the third Tuesday of the month and from 6:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. to allow for a more accurate finance report was approved by a vote of 5-0.

Lastly the members of the board approved Tug Valley High School the ability to hire a third assistant football coach.

Before the meeting was adjourned the members of the BOE gave recognition to the progression of rising AP exam scores throughout the county. Between Mingo Central and Tug Valley high school students who scored above a 3 on the AP Exams had risin from 24 to 31.

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