The Not So Great Escape.

PIKEVILLE — Two inmates at The Pike County Detention Center have watched ” The Shawshank Redemption” a few too many times.

On Monday, correction officers at the Pike county Detention Center foiled the plans of two wanna-be escapees who were trying to dig a hole through an outer wall of the jail. Inmates Derek Nunemaker 21, and Ronald Skeens 25, attempted to carve an escape portal through a concrete wall using a make shift device they had fashioned.

Suspicions were raised during a routine cell cleaning that is intended to keep down the threat of disease inside the jail. Pike County Jailer Freddie Lewis said ” we do these regular cleanings to keep away the diseases that tend to hang around these close quarter conditions, we were pressure washing the cell and when we hit this one spot toilet paper and toothpaste went flying everywhere.”

The two inmates had acquired a spring clip , originally used to hold barbell weights in place during weight training , and had straightened out the metal clip to create a drilling device. After all, necessity is the mother of invention. The clip described is not big by any standard and the assumption could be made that with such a primitive tool this project would take time to develop because they had only reached a depth of one foot into the wall. ” They had been packing the hole with toothpaste and toilet paper to keep the wall looking flush, then they would rub dirt over the spot to resemble the grey color that is already on the wall ” added Lewis.

After the the master plan had been discovered, officers quickly performed a shakedown of the POD and discovered the drilling device hidden in another inmates sleeping quarters.

The two inmates will be charged with attempting to escape which will add a felony to their original sentence. Nunemaker was being held on theft and drug related charges while Skeens was being held for violating his parole. The two inmates will face the judge for these charges on Thursday.

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