Work starts today on KY 292 in Aflex

To repair a second embankment failure

Staff Report

AFLEX, Ky. – Work starts today to repair a second embankment failure on KY 292 in Pike County, this one at Aflex. Charlie Dale, Section Engineer, said that two rows of railroad steel will be drilled because the depth of the break.

This means that long traffic delays can be expected at the work zone site for the next seven to 10 days, according to Ray Jordan with Hayes Drilling, the contractor on the job.

Work will run from about 8:30 a.m. each weekday morning until about 7:00 p.m. in the evening, depending on the weather.

“If there is an alternate route people can use, it would definitely save them some time,” Dale said. “Once the drilling equipment is set up, it takes up more than one lane of the roadway and there is not enough room to let traffic through. Delays could be as long as 45 minutes.”

“We realize this will be inconvenient for people, but try to remember that it’s only temporary. A little pain for a lot of gain,” said Sara George, Information Officer for Highway District 12.

This repair work is a FEMA project that resulted in roadway damage during last year’s flooding.
To repair a second embankment failure
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