Meadows resigns as Martin Co. Superintendent

By Ronnie Hickman

For the Daily News

INEZ, Ky. – The controversial two year reign of Steve Meadows as Martin County Superintendent of Schools came to an end Monday as the Martin County Board of Education voted 5 – 0 to accept his resignation. Meadows, who was not present at Monday’s meeting, but was in the building, refused to offer any comment to media members on hand on why he chose to resign at this time.

Over the last few months, Meadows, who was hired in May 2013, had come under fire from the board members over a variety of decisions that he had made. One was the firing and then rehiring of Shawn Hager as football coach, trying to move the Sheldon Clark High School alternative School off campus to the Roy F. Collier Community Center. as well board meetings running three to six hours.

The reasons for Meadows resigning may have come from the evaluation of Meadows. The board met in executive session June 24 for 4 1/2 hours which saw District Two board member Lois Walker come out twice and talk to board secretary Carolyn Sweeney in private. After the board came back into session they announced the meeting would be continued to Friday as. At the Friday meeting board attorney Mike Schmidt was late and apologized to the boar and no sooner had he sat his papers down Meadows ask to speak to him in private.

The two stayed for about five minutes and then they came back out and the board went in another executive session which this time lasted about an hour – and – half before coming back and say they took no action. During Monday’s meeting several teachers and school employees were in attendance and according to Schmidt that Meadows had approached him Friday saying “that he could not get along with the board and felt that things would not change so he ask him to fix up the terms of separation agreement and that Meadows would tenure his resignation.”

Under the separation agreement signed by both Meadows and BOE Chairperson Kathleen Price that Meadows would resign which would be effective August 31. The board would in turn pay him to that date unless he should find another job and should he do so then the payment would stop. He also will not during his leave of absence interfere with the hiring or firing any school personnel and that he must have all his stuff out of his office by July 10. Once Chairperson Price ask for a motion to accept Meadows resignation, District 4 board member Gary Ball made the motion, Walker made the second and Roger Harless, Mickey McCoy and Price all voted yes and a round of applause rang out.

The board was to have meet in special session Wednesday at 3:00 p.m. at the central office to appoint a interim superintendent. It is assumed that the board will form a search committee and take applications to hire the next superintendent of schools in the near future.

(Ronnie Hickman is a staff writer for the Mountain Citizen in Inez, Ky.)


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