Two members of Wild and Wonderful Whites arrested in Martin County

Courtesy Photo Sue Bob White was arrested in Martin County, Ky.

By Ronnie Hickman

For the Daily News

INEZ, Ky. — Two members of the notorious White family from the Boone County, West Virginia that was the focus for the documentary, “Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia” were arrested Monday morning by Martin County Deputy Cory Cook.

Sue Bob White, 46 years old, and her sister 63 year-old Virginia White, went into the Martin County Sheriff’s Office trying to post bond from a relative that is housed in the Laurel County jail. Both were charged with bench warrants for failure to appear. Sue Bob also had a bench warrant on her for shoplifting out of Pike County, Ky.

According to Martin County Sheriff John H. Kirk the two came into the sheriff’s office wanting to post bond for a cousin, Eric White, who is the Laurel County jail. Sheriff Kirk explained to Sue Bob that she could not post bond at his office and that she had to that it had to be paid at the clerk of courts in Laurel County.

Sheriff Kirk said as the two was going out the door Sue Bob explained that she was “famous” and that she was the star of the documentary “The Wild and Wonderful Whites of West Virginia.”

Once Sheriff Kirk and his staff heard Sue Bob say that they began searching Sue Bob’s name and discovered that she had the outstanding warrant for shoplifting from Pike County, Deputy Cook and Deputy Cody Newsome placed Sue Bob and her sister under arrest. Virginia White had a warrant for her arrest for failure to pay after pumping gas.

Before transporting the two to the Big Sandy Regional Detention Center Sheriff Kirk and a couple of other deputies searched the car that they drove to Martin County. Sue Bob and Virginia are the sisters of the infamous “Dancing Outlaw” Jesco White, who has also appeared in documentaries.

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