Town of Delbarton opt out of county clean-up

DELBARTON — During Delbarton’s second monthly council meeting, which was held last week on Monday, the council had to decide whether to participate in Mingo County’s clean-up campaign. The clean-up is scheduled to take place on July 18 – 19.

As part of the clean-up project, Mingo County supplies the towns with two waste dumpsters that are placed within the town to allow residents to drop off accumulated items that haven’t been hauled off over the year with normal garbage pick-up. But it is limited as to what residents are allowed to dispose of. Because of this, the town is responsible for providing around-the-clock security to be sure only those specified items are dropped in the dumpster. The hiring of the security is the responsibility of the town.

Mayor John Preece said that another thing that can lead to an expense for the town is the fact that any materials that are dropped off near the dumpster, instead of inside it, is also the responsibility of the town to have that material removed and hauled off.

Because of the possible expense that the town could be responsible for, the council voted not to participate.

Another agenda item concerned a paving project at Willow Lane. Preece said the street is inclined and has never drained properly or been properly paved. Due to this problem, the road has washed out and caused difficulties for residents and utility trucks to negotiate in and out of the neighborhood. He said that by better directing a nearby natural drain and by paving the road, it will eliminate the problem.

The cost of the small project is less than $5,000, so the town could get quotes instead of bids on the work. Preece said that a quote to have the road paved ended up being less economical than asphalt, plus the road would have to be closed for at least two additional days. He said that the cost for the six yards of concrete was near $900, in which does not include the cost for labor.

Preece stated that a quote was acquired from Stevens Blacktop for an option and the same amount of installed materials would cost the town $1,800 and the road would not have to be closed down.

Another option was discussed another option that would cost the town $2,500. This option would allow the road to be extended an additional ten feet to meet the existing highway in order for it to completely eliminate future problems.

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