Delegate Marcum frustrated with House Leadership

Justin Marcum

Press Release

CHARLESTON – Delegate Justin Marcum made a motion to discharge Senate Bill 337 from the House Finance Committee to the House Floor. Senate Bill 337 would create a 5-year tax credit for businesses on post-mine sites.

“This bill is vital to diversifying the economy of Southern West Virginia,” Delegate Marcum said. “By failing to pass it, the new majority voted against jobs.”

The majority party voted to table the motion, which passed with a 64-33 vote.

“I am appalled by the new majority’s attempt to kill this bill,” Marcum said. “It is a jobs bill and I will always fight for coal jobs and other jobs on out post mine land sites.”

Out of the 64 who voted to table my motion most were of the Republican Party. Out of those 64, a total of 15 voted against bringing jobs to their districts that have post-mine land sites.

All of the Democrats who were present voted in support of the bill. Marcum said that the Democrats support bringing more jobs to Southern West Virginia.

“We must do more as a state to bring jobs to Southern West Virginia and by voting to table my motion was a vote against us,” Marcum said, “and I will continue to fight!”

Justin Marcum Marcum
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