Judes success continues

Courtesy Photo Kermit native Davey Jude, a Marshall University golfer, is shown on the links at a recent tournament. Jude is one of the top amateur golfers in the state of West Virginia.

KERMIT- Local amateur golfer Davey Jude, is moving his career from the fringe to the dance floor. The 21 year old Kermit W.Va. native recently finished fourth overall in the West Virginia State Amateur Golf Tournament.

That is a tournament he hopes to win one day.

As a kid he grew up as a well-rounded athlete competing in multiple sports.

“My dad would take me golfing a couple of times a year and I noticed I really had a talent for it,” Jude said.

Jude began to enjoy the game and quickly decided to focus more time and effort towards developing his talent. He saw an opportunity for something more and tightened his grip.

Jude began to really take the sport seriously during his freshman year at Tug Valley High School. He excelled as a member of the Panther’s golf team. Jude was the first golfer from Tug Valley to ever make it to the State Championships and win a regional tournament.

After high school Jude was awarded a scholarship to play at Marshall University. As a member of the Thundering Herd Golf Team Jude has really made the sport his life.

“We practice around 26 hours a week, and you throw school into that it feels like a full time job, but golf is something that you have to practice everyday,” said Jude. He said that he doesn’t mind the busy schedule, the game is still fun to him.

Jude is a sophomore now at Marshall University. He played 22 rounds of golf for the Thundering Herd and finished with an average of 75.45 over the course of the 2014-2015 season.

When the young golfer returns home he likes to practice on the course he grew up on, Stone Crest, located in Prestonsburg, Kentucky.

“The closest Course to me was 40 minutes away, I always thought Twisted Gun was an ideal course but the drive was always hard,” Jude added.

Jude is paying his dues and learning through the process, but says his ultimate goal is to become a professional golfer. Timing is a very big part of that, he says.

Upcoming for Jude is a pre-qualifier for the Greenbrier Classic. He will compete in this event on Wednesday the 25th of June. The top four competitors will qualify for the main event. Jude says he took some time off this summer to be with his family, however he has focused and feels ready for the up-coming event.

The young golfer says his family has been the cornerstone that made all this possible. “They have supported me from the beginning,” the young golfer stressed.

Jude had some advice for younger generations of golfers. “If you want to be good you have to work at it everyday, if you work hard and don’t give up you can make it,” the Kermit native said.

Keep an eye out for this rising star, his career maybe on the brink of real stardom.

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