Commission discusses family court lease

By Courtney Pigman - [email protected]

Judge Miki Thompson

WILLIAMSON – At a regular session of the Mingo County Commission a lengthy discussion was held concerning a lease with Mingo County Family Court and the Supreme Court.

Sabrina Deskins, Mingo County Family Court Judge and Mingo County Circuit Court Judge Miki Thompson attended the meeting to discuss the issue with commissioners.

Commissioner Greg “Hootie” Smith opened the discussion stating, “We have had an issue in regards to our spacing and getting our lease amount with the Supreme Court worked out. We had previously approved from one door to the other door, increasing the family court space from everything inside the security doors. Judge Thompson has requested that the addition of the probation department, an adult probation officer and a soon to be juvenile probation officer wanted the two offices on this side. We have an issue with regards to which would be the best way to allocate this space on the top floor. We have to make a decision to the Supreme Court. What I thought was the best way to do it was to ask both judges to come and present their use of the property and for us to make a decision. I think there needs to be some painting and things of that nature with the newly acquired space before the Supreme Court can consider an increase in the rental amount.”

Thompson spoke next stating, “I had talked to Judge Deskins several months ago and I agreed from metal door to metal door. At that time, I didn’t have an adult drug court and a juvenile drug court. Any day, we are going to need an office for the drug court probation officer… I think it is really needed for probation. They all need to be together.”

A brief discussion followed Thompson’s statement while commissioners and Thompson discussed what changes would need to occur in the current space if her requests were accommodated.

Deskins spoke next stating, “I just want to clarify some things. There is a minimum amount of square footage that family court has to have. However, we have to have a minimum number of rooms and each of those rooms have to have a minimum square footage and Jessica and Anna’s rooms have to be adjacent to mine. That cannot be changed unless you have written Supreme Court approval. With that being said, I don’t think your plan can work. I know we do not want to be held in contempt of a Supreme Court order.”

The discussion continued with Thompson stating, “I just need a place to put two probation officers.”

The commission and both judges then brainstormed possible ways to meet the requirements of the Supreme Court as well as accommodate two probation officers. Following a lengthy discussion, Deskins stated, “Either way, we can’t do anything today. You have to write them and ask the Supreme Court. You can’t modify, take or do anything to this plan without their approval.”

Commissioner John Mark Hubbard agreed stating, “It is obvious that we are not going to get this resolved today.”

Commissioner Smith stated, “Let’s us take it under advisement. This is something that will be a group decision.”

Judge Miki Thompson Miki Thompson

By Courtney Pigman

[email protected]


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