Mayor discusses B and O taxes

Mayor Robert Carlton

WILLIAMSON – Williamson Mayor Robert Carlton issued a statement concerning Business and Occupation (B and O) tax returns.

In a press release Carlton stated, “The City appreciates all the businesses that promptly file and pay their Business and Occupation tax returns. Be sure to utilize the services of City Businesses so city police and fire protection can be provided through the taxes the businesses pay to the city. Thanks to all city businesses for doing their part in helping to provide these services to the citizens of Williamson and the region.”

Carlton continued saying, “Unlike most, some businesses have delayed filing B and O returns. Any business, regardless of whether it has a physical location in the city or not, that provides services or goods for a fee in the city must have a city business license and file and pay the B and O Tax. If you have not registered and are doing business within the city, register now and file and pay your B and O tax returns for all previous activity.”

“I have directed that all businesses operating in the City of Williamson that are delinquent in registering, and/or in the filing of Business and Occupation returns and paying of Business and Occupation taxes ,that were due and payable in October 2015 or before are to be collected by pursuing all lawful means available. In the future, the City will pursue the collection of B&O taxes in accordance with the applicable authorities without delay,” Carlton said.

Carlton invites businesses to look at City Ordinances for collection solutions. “The City of Williamson Ordinances provides a variety of means of collection, including the City Clerk acting on his own volition. Please see Ordinance 705.15, 705.20, and 705.99 for all available remedies,” Carlton stated.

The importance of paying B and O taxes was also stressed in the press release. “Non-payment of B and O taxes impedes the ability of City Government to provide necessary police and fire protection and other city services to the citizens of Williamson. Thank you in advance for filing and paying all outstanding returns now. Reminders are also in the mail,” Carlton concluded.

Mayor Robert Carlton Robert Carlton
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