Lester resigns as Pike Superintendent

David Lester

By Courtney Lovern

For the Daily News

PIKEVILLE, Ky. – At the Pike County school board meeting last Thursday evening, June 11, superintendent David Lester turned in his letter of resignation.

Two years ago, when Lester was going through the hiring process, he and the board were discussing his contract and originally wanted a four-year deal.

During the meeting, a board member suggested they only give Lester a two-year contract because they didn’t know how he would perform. They then decided on a plan that after two years, Lester would put in his resignation and the board would decide if he should stay two more years or go ahead with his resignation.

The Thursday evening school meeting was the two-year mark in Lester’s contract and Lester held up his end of the verbal agreement and put his resignation on the table.

During the meeting, the board member who originally suggested the two-year deal told Lester to take his resignation off the table because he has been impressed with Lester’s performance. Although Lester could’ve done that, he wanted to honor the agreement he made and give the board a chance to decide.

Afterwards, the board voted and Lester’s resignation was accepted on a 3-2 vote. His term will be effective until September 1, and the board is currently on the search for a new superintendent.

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