Stratton returns to Matewan as Chief of Police


MATEWAN — Keeping a Chief of Police officer has been a revolving door for the Town of Matewan over the last several years after David Stratton retired and began working for the Mingo County Sheriff’s Department.

Since Stratton left Matewan the town has yet to find a chief that has been willing to stick with the position.

The town hired Allen Mounts in the chief position after Stratton’s retirement. Mounts remained chief for a little over four years until he also took a position with the Mingo County Sheriff’s Department. Mounts did continue working with the Town of Matewan while holding his position with the county until another chief was hired.

Recently, the town brought on Tim Barker who worked for the Capitol Police in Washington, D.C. and had been with that department for 25 years. Barker, a Chattaroy native, retired from his position with the Capitol Police and moved back to the area. Barker accepted the position as Matewan Chief of Police back in February, but his time with the town was short lived, leaving the town in need of a chief once again.

Stratton, who served as the Chief of Police in the Town of Matewan for 34 years, has agreed to take back the position as chief. He will be sworn in Friday evening at the city’s special called council meeting at 6:00 p.m.

The town was looking for an individual that holds the historic town as their top concern and with the experience and dedication that Stratton has given in the past, the town feels that Stratton is perfect for the position.

“Dave is a familiar face in Matewan and he served with us many years in the past. We’ll all be happy to have him back,” said Shelia Kestler, Matewan mayor.

Stratton will be working for the town during day shift hours, and since the Mingo County Sheriff’s Department has agreed to work around the Matewan schedule, Stratton will also remain working for the county during the evening shift hours.

“I really enjoy working with the people in the Town of Matewan, they’re great people and it’s a great community,” stated Stratton. “I really look forward to working with them again. I appreciate them for letting me come back.”

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