Hatfield goes to Nashville

Courtesy Photo Hatfield stands with Tim Mahon and Pat Holt inside a recording studio at Midtown Studios where he recorded his first CD. The CD features mostly original songs written by Hatfield and will be available on iTunes in July.

GILBERT — When Travis Hatfield uploaded a video of him singing a duet with his special needs uncle Jamie, he never guessed that it would lead him to Nashville.

The video of the duet went viral on the internet and Hatfield experienced a wave of overnight fame. It was this overnight fame that led Hatfield to meet Tim Mahon with BBA management. Hatfield and Mahon are currently in the works of constructing a management deal but that did not stop Mahon from reaching out to producer Pat Holt of Midtown Studios in Nashville Tennessee.

Holt has worked with quite a few recognizable names such as George Jones, Johnny Cash and Keith Whitley. Holt invited Hatfield to record in Nashville and Hatfield went right to work on his upcoming 11 song album. According to Hatfield, the entire recording experience was surreal.

“All of the songs on the CD are originals that I wrote except for two but one of those two I have the copyrights for,” said Hatfield. “I have a really great friend, Boxer Prater and he wrote a great song called Young and Wreckless in the South before giving me the copyrights to it,” said Hatfield.

Hatfield stayed in Nashville for five days and completed the 11 song CD which is a task that takes some artists months to complete.

“Recording was much more than I ever expected. I was in the studio every day at least eight hours,” said Hatfield. “It is not all fun and games. It is actually very tedious and difficult but it is so worth it. It blew my mind to hear what the studio can turn my acoustic version of songs into.”

The CD will be available on iTunes during the month of July and is titled Wreckless.

While the visit was mostly spent working in the studio, Hatfield was also able to experience a little bit of Nashville life as he was allowed backstage at the Grand Old Opry and met country music artist Jamey Johnson.

Hatfield was also able to play a live show in Nashville at the Whiskey Rhythm Saloon. According to Hatfield, the experience was amazing.

“Who wouldn’t want to play a show in Nashville,” said Hatfield. “And I did but not only that, I finished my first CD.”

Hatfield says that the primary goal right now for him and Mahon is that Hatfield establish himself in W. Va. before traveling out of state.

“Every day my music Facebook page grows and right now we are close to 26,000 people who liked it. I want to keep getting exposure through social media and played shows across the state,” said Hatfield.

There is no radio release for Hatfields song but he says he hopes to have a radio release some time in September 2015 but that until then he will continue to do shows.

“We are currently working on t shirts for my shows as well as finding bigger venues to perform,” said Hatfield. “We are going to travel across the state and try to get my name out there as much as possible.”

According to Hatfield, there were talks about him moving to Nashville but Hatfield says that isn’t going to happen any time soon.

“I love the travel and I love to perform. There really is nothing better than seeing how your music impacts people.

For more information you can visit Hatfield’s facebook music page and learn how you can support him.

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