New traffic pattern starts Wednesday for Southside Elementary

Staff Report

TOLER, Ky. – A new traffic pattern will start Wednesday morning at Southside Elementary School. Parents who bring their children to school as well as others who drive on U.S. 119 and Ky. 319 in the area near the school should be prepared to slow down and follow instructions on the signs that will be on both highways.

All traffic will enter the school property using the new road. If you are driving south on US 119, coming from the direction of Williamson, it is preferred that you continue to the traffic signal at the Ky. 319 intersection and make a U-turn there instead of crossing traffic at the entrance to the new road.

“It is quite dangerous to turn left across two lanes of oncoming traffic at any place other than a signalized intersection,” said Mandy Collins-Coleman, Traffic Engineering Technologist Supervisor for Highway District 12. “We urge people drive to the traffic signal and make a legal U-turn when the light allows, then come back and turn right onto the new road. It will be much safer that way.”

Traffic coming out of Ky. 319 onto U.S. 119 should be especially alert to the fact that more vehicles will be making U-turns at the signal. “Please understand that you will have to take your time and be patient while everyone gets used to this new arrangement,” Collins-Coleman said.

This new traffic pattern will remain in effect until further notice.
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