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New Williamson Mayor takes oath of office

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WILLIAMSON – Surrounded by family members, friends and a couple of city council members, Robert Carlton graciously took the oath of office to become Mayor of Williamson.

Carlton, a local attorney, wants to serve his hometown and looks forward to the challenge.

“I respectfully accept the appointment to the position of Mayor of Williamson and I will immediately undertake steps to stabilize the administration of the City of Williamson,” Carlton said after being sworn in by City Clerk Larry Brown. “Williamson has decades of a long and positive reputation and we must remember all the positives as well. Problem issues will be identified, investigated, and resolved and the financial issues will receive immediate attention.”

“Coordination and cooperation with County and State agencies relevant to the process will be maintained so the Citizens of Williamson can rest assured that all matters are receiving the attention that is deserved as we move forward with the administration of the City of Williamson. Transparency of city government will be pursued with fervor,” Carlton stressed.

“I look forward to the City Council continuing to oversee all matters as they are resolved. The council has had a very difficult situation recently and has proceeded diligently and very admirably to fill positions and has set a good course to stabilize the City Administration. Another step forward is the appointment by council of Josh Ferrell as City Attorney. He is very capable and professional, with a private practice, and he also serves the county as an Assistant Prosecuting Attorney,” Carlton added.

Ferrell also took the oath of office as the new City Attorney.

“Revitalization of Williamson will not be overlooked and current endeavors to revitalize the City will be supported. Basic services like police and fire protection, water, garbage and sewer services are critical and will be maintained and monitored closely. Dilapidated buildings must be addressed. Litter control and beautification projects will be continued. The flowering baskets throughout the business district are gorgeous,” Carlton stated. “As a friend of coal, railroads, trail systems, health care, restaurants and all other customary businesses, I say come to Williamson, a beautiful city, with great people, in a wonderful place in which to live, with a city government dedicated to pursuing prosperity for all.”

Carlton takes over for Steve Knopp, who recently resigned because of health issues.

(Kyle Lovern is the Editor for the Williamson Daily News. He can be contacted at [email protected] or at 304-235-4242, ext. 2277 or on Twitter @KyleLovern.)

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New Williamson Mayor takes oath of office
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