The Four Blood Moons

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyszkowski

By Ralph and Elizabeth Pyskowski

Guest Columnists

Are we on the verge of a monumental turning point? There are people who are predicting major life changing events that is about to happen. They point to a rare lunar tetrad that is transpiring before us. Some folks are calling it the blood moons and the last one will take place on September 27th/28th at night. That is because of the red tint that literally makes the moon look like it is full of blood. NASA experts called it an extraordinary series of lunar eclipses and that it will be uniquely visible to parts of the USA. Is this scientific phenomenon Gods way of speaking to us or is it just more fireworks in the sky? Could it point to Judgment to the US, WWIII, Jesus coming back for the Church, or some other enormous development? Although some preachers have made these statements, only God knows what the future holds.

What is more amazing about this particular tetrad of blood moons is that they all fall on Jewish holidays, including the Shemitah year. What are the odds for this to happen? Prominent Pastors like John Hagee points out that that when these bloods moons have fallen on Jewish holidays in the past, major historical events took place. The massive persecution of the Jews during the Spanish Inquisition and the discovery of America happened during the blood moon occurrences in the 1490’s. Another example would be the gathering of the Jews returning back to Israel and reforming the nation after 2000 years of being expelled. This coincided with the blood moon events during the 1940’s. Sometimes they have indicated times of persecution and challenge for God’s people. At other times, they have marked miraculous moments where God moves for his children for good. Experts make a compelling case for the significance of the blood moons and maybe we should pay attention.

It is possible that we do not have to wait to see historic moments because maybe they are already happening. Currently the Middle East is on fire with multiple wars and the rise of ISIS. We are seeing the greatest movement of refugees since World War II and the greatest persecution of Christians ever in world history. America has redefined marriage, condoned the selling of aborted baby parts, and shunned Israel while supporting our enemies. In addition, we are seeing unprecedented attacks on Christian liberties in the US with the imprisonment of Kim Davis. Finally, we are told that the war with ISIS could be a long term conflict. Just like in times past, these signs in the sky have signified challenging moments for the Church. However, if we follow the past trend of events, we can also look for God to move in an incredible way and do something miraculous for the Church. What is God about to do this time for his people?

Scripture indicates that God speaks to us in various ways. Genesis chapter 1:14 records that he created the lights in the universe for signs and seasons. Even in the New Testament there is scripture that records God will do wonders and bring great signs from heaven. In spite of this, the primary way he speaks to us is through the Bible and his son Jesus. Also, he speaks to us with the still small voice on the inside. With the whirlwind of events taking place in this world, it is most important that we keep our eyes on Jesus. Holding his word dear and following him will keep us stable in a world that is falling apart. In doing so, we will not just have fireworks in the sky, but we will have them in our heart. If Jesus does return, then we will be ready. When persecution comes, then God will be with us. But whether he comes back soon or not, we do not want to be caught off guard. The greatest tragedy of all time will happen to those who are left behind. To be left without Christ and experiencing the worst tribulation ever to fall upon the earth. We do not need blood moons to tell us it is time to make things right with God. It is the cross that signifies to give our lives to Christ. Today is the day to receive the salvation that he paid for on Calvary.

(Ralph & Elizabeth Pyszkowski, Your Brother & Sister In Christ. (All comments are welcomed at [email protected])

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyszkowski and Elizabeth Pyszkowski
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