Facing the fear

By Dawn Reed

WILLIAMSON – I’ve been working through a Bible study on Esther by Beth Moore. As usual, she has brought many things in Scripture to light. God has used her in a great way over the years to give new insight to the Bible. I feel like she’s my own personal Sunday School teacher!

In her studies, Beth Moore dissects often known and read books of the Bible, bringing out snippets of treasure on every page. Today’s lesson was one I knew I’d have to share.

The Scripture focus was Esther chapter four and five. Esther has risen from her velvet couch and is ready to approach the king to beg for the lives of her people. Mordecai, her uncle who raised her, had sent word. If she remained silent, deliverance would come from somewhere else…and that maybe this was why she had become queen in the first place. He also added that if she didn’t speak up, she would die, too. Not much of a pep talk. Esther was terrified-seriously afraid. She took a breath (I bet) and a stand. She sent word back to Mordecai to have all the Jews fast with her for three days, then she would go to the king, which was against the law without invitation. Her final words were, “If I perish, I perish”. (Hathach, a servant, had delivered each dramatic word between the two.) That’s where the profound treasures came today. Esther was facing her fear: death. She fasted for three days, then put on her regal robes. She accepted her royal position and that God could use her. It was her time.

Today, we can get so focused on our fears that we are paralyzed. Our imagination gives way and stops us in our tracks. Yes, we know that God is the God of the universe, but somehow we are terrified that if we face our greatest fear: loss of a loved one, sickness, loss of a job or relationship, etc., that even He would not be big enough to carry us through it. On paper we know it, but in real life…we don’t test well. In my Esther study, I was prompted to fill in these blanks: “If ___________________________________, then God will take care of me.”

“If ___________________________________, then God has a plan.”

This all hit home with me. A while back, I was secretly worried about my beloved’s health. I had to say this out loud, so I KNOW it works. “If something happens to my beloved, God will take care of me.” I had to repeat it a few times. It was a short spell of fretfulness but frustrating to me that I let it weigh on my mind! (If I let my imagination go, my stomach will not be far behind!) I’m wondering about you. Are you a worrier? Do you get so stressed out you can’t take a step forward? It may help to fill in your blanks and say them out loud!

Esther knew her decision for action would be dangerous. She knew it was up to her. I love a good story, especially one that ends well. We know by reading the rest of the book of Esther that the bad guy lost and the all the Jews were saved! Woohoo! All because one young girl took brave actions even though her knees were probably knocking together. We all have “Esther” moments even though we don’t live in a castle. We face circumstances when we KNOW we need to do the right thing, face our fear and press on. We feel God leading or stirring but we are afraid. It’s scary. But…with God on our side, with Him holding our hand…we can face giants, Haman’s and tough times. With Him…all things are possible!


By Dawn Reed

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