Delgate Marcum weighs in on city water rate increase

Delegate Marcum

WILLIAMSON – Local attorney and House of Delegate representative of the 20th District, Justin Marcum has issued a statement concerning the City of Williamson’s proposed water and sewer rate increase.

The hike will raise the bills of citizens nearly 50 percent. The proposal was read a second time at the most recent city council meeting. That meeting was filled with heated discussions from numerous citizens throughout the city.

Delegate Marcum who represents the people in the City of Williamson believes that an audit is necessary to find out the reasoning behind $1.2 million dollar deficit. “I am also concerned as to why this issue is just now being raised considering it is this far out of hand,” Marcum said.

“We continue to see a declining population in the southern coal fields with the closure of more mines in the area. As we lose people, I want to see us work together, not fight and talk down to people. We must work together to diversify southern West Virginia’s employment prospects, keep our coal miners working, and fight to improve the area as a whole,” stated Delegate Marcum.

“I understand that the City has budget issues. I understand that the State has budget issues. However, we need to be proactive and not reactive in this matter. It appears to me that this issue has been brewing for some time, but yet we are now being reactive,” stated Delegate Marcum. “The City of Williamson just doesn’t incur over a million dollars in liabilities over night.”

Marcum told the press that he has reached out to Prosecutor Teresa Maynard and State Auditor Glen Gainer. He said that he is requesting a supervised audit be conducted by Prosecutor Maynard and Auditor Gainer. When asked about this situation, Marcum said that Mrs. Maynard has been very helpful and told him that she would be taking action.

“I appreciate the work of Prosecutor Maynard and look forward to her action in this matter,” said Marcum. “I have a letter to Auditor Gainer, who I know personally, and believe that he will be equally as helpful.”

The third reading of the proposed increase will be done next week in the City Council Chambers. Marcum encourages everyone who is affected by this proposal to show up and voice their opinions.

Delegate Justin Marcum represents the 20th District in the West Virginia House of Delegates.

Delegate Marcum Marcum
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