Biblical Inspirations

Ralph and Elizabeth Pyszkowski

We are a polarized nation. It seems that people are at odds with each other from so many issues ranging from politics to education. Although some dissent is healthy, childish bickering and division is weakening our country. We must not make the same mistake in the Church. God envisioned the Body of Christ to be powerful and victorious. Working together we should represent the glory of Heaven and help bring the Kingdom of God to earth. Allowing division to take place in our families and congregations is one of the greatest threats to God’s plan. The cross, the Word of God, and his love should unite us all.

Jesus spoke to this concept in Mark 3:24: “If a Kingdom be divided against itself, that kingdom cannot stand.” God’s Kingdom is more than a denomination or a Church. It is more than a race or a culture. Also, it is more than an individual’s ministry or just one person. God is calling us to get the bigger picture. If we are saved and have our sins washed by Christ’s blood, we are all the Body of Christ. Putting our differences aside and embracing the divine traits of love and unity will accomplish God’s perfect plan. When we work together in this spirit, there is nothing that we cannot accomplish. With the decline of morality and great issues this nation faces, the Church must rise up. It is important to remember that there is such power and strength in numbers.

Satan’s greatest tactic is to create disharmony and disunity in families and in the Church. Because he fears what we can do together, he makes this a high priority. Since we are not ignorant to his devices, we should be on guard against such evil. Do not fall into his trap and fight over petty issues. We need to pray for the unity of the Body of Christ. Let’s strive for brotherly love and over look each other’s faults. Strive to be at peace with one another and work out our differences. When we keep unity with each other, we will elevate ourselves. Then people will see a greater power and reflection of God’s glory among us as we accomplish great works for him. The Church has the answer for the problems of this world.

Ralph & Elizabeth Pyszkowski, Your Brother & Sister In Christ. (All comments are welcomed at [email protected])

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